Monday, December 10, 2007

Sri Lanka's first 24 hour Pay television Channel "CiTi HiTz" launches today

Over the last few years Sri Lanka has seen several local channels broadcasting on free to air mode and now for the first time in Sri Lankan television history, the first 24 hour pay television channel known as "CiTi HiTz" will commencing broadcasts from today on Dialog Satellite TV.

The channel is supposedly similar in format to international channels such as HBO/Star Movies which broadcasts mainly movies and some television serials. "CiTi HiTz" will broadcast local movies/television serials ranging from old to new productions. The channel will contain extras such as interviews with the actors/actresses and also behind the scenes videos coupled with music videos that may be broadcast in between movies.

We are unable to confirm whether this channel will be commercial free or not however we believe that concepts such as this will be a boost to the local pay television industry which is still in its infancy in Sri Lanka and as a whole and LBN/Comet Cable should also take steps to launch local pay television channels on their platforms.

We also believe that independent broadcasters such as EAP Networks, MBC Networks, TNL Networks, etc will launch their own pay television channels into these platforms when they realize the potential of these platforms.

"CiTi HiTz" is a channel that is operated by pay television platform Dialog Satellite TV.

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Roshan Perera - Roland Holidays said...

Up to day before Citi Hitz telecasted the Sinhala Tele Drama "Theertha Tharanaya" with Sangeetha Weerasinghe & Jayantha Bopearachchi but suddenly stopped it after the 24th part. We need to see the end of this tele drama upto 25th or 26th parts till the end. Could you send us the link to the last episodes or send the link but am not sure if I should publish my email here. Mrs. Perera