Monday, January 07, 2008

Nethra TV - Tamil Language Channel

As in the case of Channel One MTV and Shakthi TV earlier when they were sharing the same frequency now the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation have launched an addition channel "Nethra TV" which shares the same frequency with Channel Eye.

All tamil programmes will be telecast under the "Nethra TV" Logo and all other programmes under the "Channel Eye" Logo. We believe that as the popularity of "Nethra TV" rises, it will be allocated a separate frequency.


Looser said...

A Television channel run by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces is on the cards, according to highly placed military sources.
The TV channel, a brainchild of Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa will begin telecasting from February 4.
The telecast will initially be limited to two hours, but is expected to be expanded to 24 hours later.
The channel will beam defence, political news, social and cultural feature programs and entertainment programs.
However, the name of the channel has yet to be decided.

Jay said...

Good initiative..

Nethra itself is not a Tamil word!!!! Tamil channel with Sinhala name..huh? Funny!

Lisura said...

Don't Worry in that case "Shakthi" is also not a tamil word.

Jay said...

Dear Lisura!!!
May be you dont' kwn Tamil... Shakthi means Power!!! so it's a Tamil word!

Sam said...

Hey guys can any one tell me that Newsfirst is separate channel.Because i went to the Maharaja web tv website & in the site tey have mention that you can watch Sirasa Tv,Shakthi TV,Newsfirst& Channel one MTV . In the site tey have Mention there more Channels soon .The channels are SIRASA TV CLASSICS,BIZ FIRST,SPORT FIRST, M MOVIES,BNS TV

Unknown said...

Guys Thats Y they are Waiting and doing avery bullshit for get UNP Government. Otherwise they won't have the lisence to launch those channels.

Replacing regular logo to onther logo is Illegal in universal broadcasting Ethics. ex- They use News 1st logo in news bulletines.

Government also doing Tom-dick and Harry game with the Sirasa.

Dont worry machan ABC Ekata Dunna gema denna wedi dawasak yanne ne.

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Latheep Singam said...

Do u know maaveeran hartim progrmme.
on Nethra Tv.
sunday 8.00a.m
How to see in online?

Anonymous said...

nethra tv very good free tv but some sinhala language not understand i like so much
all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kumar said...

Channel Eye now on VHF 8 from Kokavil

Nalin Kiing said...
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Nalin Kiing said...


I would like to know that are there any plans to broadcast Sirasa FM, through the Kokavil Tower? If so, can you send the Sirasa FM's frequency in Kokavil Tower.