Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Art TV messes up Prison Break again

For the second week in a row Art Television have messed up the broadcast of Prison Break Season 2. Last week without much publicity Prison Break Season 2 commenced to the surprise of many viewers and now this week Art TV changed the schedule without giving due publicity. Season 1 of Prison Break commenced at 9:30pm every Monday and was repeated every Wednesday at 10:30PM. Last week Prison Break Season 2 commenced at 9:30pm (not sure of the repeat time) but yesterday the time was shifted to 9pm. Art TV should give due proper publicity regarding the change and this could have been done during last weeks programme.

According to unconfirmed sources the repeat would be at 10pm every Wednesday. Art TV programmes manager should make sure that changes are properly communicated to the viewers. It is a shame that a television station is unable to properly promote its own programmes. It looks like by trying to become first in this region to telecast Season 2 Art TV have got the basics of broadcasting totally wrong. It is best for Art TV to halt the entire Season and restart it again from next week by giving proper publicity.

Sponsors of Prison Break Season 2 and Management of Art TV please take note.

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