Monday, April 28, 2008

"Fox News" to go on air via Channel One MTV

"Fox News" part of the international media group owned my tycoon Rupert Murdoch has come into an agreement with the Maharaja Group to air part of their news programming via Channel One MTV. Initially the broadcast will take place for a few hours per day and will be gradually increased over time.

The entry of Fox News will certainly mean that most of the major news broadcasters in the world are available in Sri Lanka. At the moment Channel News Asia and CNN are available in Sri Lanka over FTA & pay television whereas BBC, Al Jazeera, NDTV, etc are available via pay television platforms.

We believe that Channel One MTV will use Fox News in the future to start round the clock operations. The broadcast of the "Fox News" International feed will be commencing next month.

Link : Fox News ties up with MTV/MBC in Sri Lanka


FM said...

1)Wasantham is a Gov. channel for target to Election in Eastern.Its purpose only political!!
වසන්තම් නාලිකාව රජයේ මැතිවරණ අවශ්‍යතාව සපුරන්නක් පමණි.එය හදිසි උවමනාවට අරඹන ලද්දකි.

2)Hiru FM Promotion Campaign budgeted to Rs.5.6 Million,but they say "who can copy Hiru?" unsuccessful promo.
හිරු පෝස්ටර/බැනර මගින් අනෙක් මාධ්‍ය සඳහා ප්‍රහාර 'කොපි කරාට හිරු වෙන්න පුළුවන්ද?'දැන්වීම් ඒජන්සි වල අප්‍රසාදය.

FM said...

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Sam said...

I got a news that Diloag is going to launch a Tv Channel called KIT ?
(Remember this is not on the dialog TV )

And its a FTA Channel

Sam said...

Any one have try to listen Rado eka in online ? & any one been to the web site

The Boss said...

Rupavahini has booked a slot on Insat 4C

Sri Lanka's Government-owned broadcaster Rupavahini has booked a small — but significant — slot on Insat 4C, the satellite that Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is set to launch in early July, according to official sources.
Rupavahini has already been accommodated on a working Insat while 4C gets ready for an indigenous launch.
ISRO Chairman Mr. G. Madhavan Nair had earlier said Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will provide special offer’s to SARRC Country’s.
Many media players including CNBC, Times TV and Kairali have also booked space for DSNG operations on two of 4C transponders.
Rupavahini order of an undisclosed value in a bid contested by established operators such as ISRO, Panamsat, Thaicom and Singapore's ST1 a few months ago, the sources told Business Line.

The Boss said...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007 Media ministry of Sri Lanka announced that all media institutes who have TV radio licenses should starts their transmission within 45 days. Media ministry have given more than 46 TV and Radio license( including 15 TV license) within last six years and most of the license given with in last couple of years.
TV Broadcasting Licenses Issued but No TV Stations
But Still No New TV Channels.
I got information regarding the new TV broadcasting licenses issued.
Could anyone out there please comment on when the following TV License holders are to start TV Stations?

The following list was obtained from the TRC Sri Lanka web site.

Ru Ras Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.,
E.W Balasuriya & Co.
Sumathi Holdings.
Asia Broadcasting Corporation
Asset Media (Pvt) Ltd.,
Television and Radio Network

The Boss said...

I have got some information regarding new entrants to the DTH pay television market in Sri Lanka.

A company by the name of SKY TV & Radio seems to have acquired a license from the Media Ministry to carry out DTH operations in Sri Lanka.
I would like those of you who have any further information on the above to verify their acuracy.

Rasika said...

What about the resumption of Sun FM broadcasting, If someone know about this please comment on this regard

sonik said...

Of all the News Channels in the world....... Why Fox News???

Fox News is one of the most bigoted and biased news channels in the world, leaning towards the US governments policies, and passing judgments over US presidential candidates like Barack Obama. Even the US media groups have stated this fact. Why did MTV decide to air this channels of all the others available.

Any news channel nowadays is biased at least to some degree, but they would have done much better to relay a channel like the BBC, or Al Jazeera instead of FOX News.

Rasika said...

Hiru’ FM frequencies to MR’s son?
Saturday, April 26,2008
COLOMBO: Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is attempting to grant the radio frequencies issued to ‘Hiru FM’ of ABC Radio Network to ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ organization, reliable sources said Friday.
The organisation, headed by the President’s son Namal Rajapaksa is to start a commercial radio network, the sources said, adding that the Ministry of Mass Media had already given the green light for the project and frequency bands applied from the TRC.
The ABC Radio network was suspended by the Ministry of Mass Media on 27th October last year on the charge of having carried a misleading news report regarding the war.
The network had five radio channels - Hiru FM, Sun FM, Sooriyan FM, Gold FM and Sha FM, which were broadcast on 26 frequency bands.
However, the government re-issued licences to Hiru FM, Sooriyan FM and Gold FM, and only 18 frequencies.
The ABC network was not granted the popular frequency bands of 107.9, 102.9, 100.7 and 102.7.
The station was suspended after accusations by the government that it had been biased towards the main opposition United National Party.
Its Director Reynor Silva is the brother of Western Provincial Councilor Duminda Silva.
Days after the suspension, the councilor met the President and crossed over to the government.
After this change in loyalties, the ABC management decided to alter the political line of all its radio stations.

On April 08th, it was reported that relatives and friends of the President have shown an interest to obtain the nine frequencies that had earlier been given to ABC radio network.

Lanka Dissent |

AMD said...

Ironically, the tag line for FOX news also is " WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE" !!!

what feed are they gonna give ?, isnt there is FOX network is Australia as well ?