Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Zone Reality exits Asia Pacific

Reality Channel "Zone Reality" has exited the Asia Pacific region due to low ratings on the channel according to Zone Reality.

The channel will be missed by the many loyal fans that they had in this region since they had created a niche audience but sadly this audience was not enough to this channel going. The exit of this channel is a severe blow to reality programming in this region.

We hope that the channel is reintroduced with some revamped programming in the near future, if this is happening it will happen after about 5 years.

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FM said...

Mr.Nimal Lakshapathiarachchi(Pythogarous of Radio)had appointed as New CEO of Sath FM efect from 1st of July,2008.

Elvis said...

DTV introduced NDTV good times after zone reality exited but its another nasty indian channel. I think they can get Zone reality europian feed but i dont know how much does it cost. And it would have been much better if they put "AXN beyond" instead of NDTV good times. LETS wait till SLT IPTV comes to live. !!!

Rasika said...

Still the ABC has not got new frequencies for Sun and Sha. If any knows the situation, please comment

Dimu said...

Zone Reality exits Asia Pacific

This is a false statement upto now as both Dish TV & Tata Sky still have Zone Reality working.

It's only disappear from Dialog TV.

thilip said...

When will Sun fm & Sha fm return?

Sooriyan fm No 1 music station is going to celebrate it's 10th birthday.


it is still available in TATA SKY.i am still watching