Thursday, September 18, 2008

New look Animal Planet to be revealed in October

Animal Planet will be taking on a whole new look commencing October 1st 2008. The new look which has been revealed in some parts of the world will be implemented in the Indian Subcontinent, New Zealand and other parts of the world from the said date. The change includes a new logo and on air graphics, etc.

We believe that the new look logo will be similar to what is given below


Rasika said...

I heard that there is not any plan to resume Sha and Sun FM channels and ABC is no more interested in doing so. Is that true?

Vishwa said...

Does anyone know what is TV2.. this is on UHF 53. (which telecast Udayam TV)

LANKA INFO said...

Check Your DTV Account Balance

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Bracking News

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is to launch its much-talked of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) for the first time in Sri Lanka tomorrow (Monday) with the assistance of UTStarcom headquartered in California, USA, officials said.

The official launching of the new service was scheduled for August but it was slightly delayed due to some infrastructure issues. The channels presently available on the SLT IPTV test transmissions are Rupavahini, Channel Eye, ITN, Max, HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family, CNN, BBC World, NDTV 24X7, Al Jazeera, Ujala, Peace TV, Spacetoons, Colors, DD Sports, VH1, MTV, Nickolodean, STC, B4U Music, NDTV Good Times, Ceebies BBC, Zee Music and a few other Hindi channels.

Officials said UTStarcom, Inc. has entered into a multi-million dollar contract recently with Sri Lanka’s Just In Time Holdings Pvt Ltd. to supply its industry-leading RollingStream(R) end-to-end IPTV solution to SLT. This has enabled the SLT to launch IPTV services without much delay, a senior official of the SLT told The Sunday Times FT. UTStarcom is a global leader in IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions and international service and support. The company sells its broadband, wireless, and handset solutions to operators in both emerging and established telecommunications markets around the world, he said .

SLT has set up a subsidiary to broadcast IPTV to its broadband customers. The company has invested $1 million in the initial launch of the SLT Visioncom unit. SLT says IPTV is a value-added service with strategic importance in the future broadband service portfolio of the company.

SLT, a provider of international and domestic voice, Internet, and data services, will use the RollingStream platform to bring IPTV services to its growing customer base throughout Sri Lanka. SLT, with more than 87 percent market share and a wireline subscriber base of more than 1,300,000 customers, expects to grow its residential and commercial business through its increased triple play capabilities now available with this IPTV deployment. It is designed to support approximately 100,000 subscribers in the next two years and will enable the company to provide video services to future subscribers over copper lines in the next three to four years.

The product was to be launched by SLT Visioncom, a fully owned subsidiary of SLT. The company had operated the IPTV service as a pilot project among 100 customers and found that some channels are not working properly. SLT engineers have rectified the defect and they also upgraded its ADSL system to ADSL 2+, to facilitate the launch of the IPTV service.

AI said...

I got my connection yesterday. Picture quality is awesome on Foreign channels. local channels has to improve.

Channels with Time shift Facility

1. Rupawahini
2. Channel eye
3. ITN
4. Derana
5. Max

Channels with out Time shift Facility
6. CNN
7. BBC
9. Aljazihira
10. Ujala
11. HBO
12. HBO Signature
13. HBO Hits
14. HBO Family
15. No channel Assign
16. No channel Assign
17. CBeebies
19. No channel Assign
20. B4U Movies
21. NHK
22. STC
23. EuroSport
24. NDTV Good Time
25. No channel Assign
26. B4u Movies
27. No channel Assign
28. Z smile
29. No channel Assign
30. No channel Assign
31. MTV
32. No channel Assign
33. Euro sport
34. Taffy Kids
35. Time Musik
36. Nic
37. No channel Assign
38. VH1
39. Eurosport
40. Zmuzic

Apart from that Some on demand sinhala tele darma few episodes there to watch (dadubasna manaya).

Set Top box

1. Support normal A/V out
2. Support Component out
3. Support Optical surround out

podiman said...

Kindly give some cost figures (subscription, inital cost).

AI said...

i got the trial connection . i asked the guys who installed the connection. even they don't know when the launching day is. i am not sure about the above clam about IPTV launching tomorrow as i am going through the menu list. if it is its fantastic news for all the people waiting for it.

i say IPTV is worth of waiting. when i look at the facilities available. people going to love this service. I love the time shift like using dvd player :)

only downside i saw settop box ment to freez when i switch menus to fast (not always only experience twice so far). i bet SLT is looking to this matter.

star said...

@AI & ILHAM - The Boss,

Thanks for the updates.

Why they don't have any tamil channels?

Hope, they will add few of good tamil channels in their line up.

Sam said...

TV2 Is now on air.This channel is Run by People's Media Network.Who Ow end's Radio 1.

What happen to Udayam TV ?

Sam said...

Cna any one tel me Is this Channel is a English Language ?

Becoz most of the time's they are telecasting English songs but I sow that they are telicasing very few Sinhala Songs.

Sam said...

I don't no why is this Derana Radio (Still testing) is telecasting only selected songs.It means they are telecasitng Wd Amardeva's songs and some Musicle shows .Next day allso Same songs are Repeating.Last time also they did like this.

Sam said...

After Max TV and Max Radio .The newst Radio and TV Chnnel is now on testing . Radio 1 and TV2

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