Friday, November 14, 2008

"History Channel" to be rebranded as "Fox History & Entertainment"?

It looks like pay television channel "The History Channel" will be rebranding on Nov 22nd. Recent adverts running on the channel indicate the launch of a channel called "Fox History & Entertainment".

Since History Channel has been moving into showing historical movies and some entertainment based ones while also telecasting educational programming over the last year or so, it looks highly likely that the this will likely be a rebranding of the present History Channel.

Some Indian forums indicate that this may be a new channel but we do not believe so? The new channel would be operated by Star which also operates History Channel in this region.

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excellent said...

we expect the real history to be shown not movies.i mean documentaries as shown in the history channel.the old one is way better.just look at the programmes they show.movies,thats all.and everything is repeated atleast 5 biography.all ancient history is depicted in the form of movies.why, aint their enough movies depicting the same.we better watch a movie channel.why name this channel the history channel anymore.give it a movie channel title.i am utterly disappointed.history channel was so good.atleast its the only channel worth watching.nothing more left to they aint audience oriented.all they want is to earn money.but dont worry nobody will watch this load of crap called the fox history and entertainment.