Monday, December 08, 2008

Rhythm 100.7 FM now on air

Rhythm 100.7FM formerly called Asura FM is now on air. This is a Sinhala Language Radio Channel that follows the formats former stations such as Raja FM and Sha FM.

This station is getting mixed reviews since many who love the music format of Asura FM prefer it that way but those who used to enjoy the music pumped out by stations like Raja FM and Sha FM prefer this new station.

Please share your comments on this new station in the comments section of this post.


piewow said...

Well Its to soon to say how this new format will workout!!! And admin you got the spelling of Rhythm Wrong???

Rasika said...

Any news about Sha FM ?????

LANKA INFO said...

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Rasika said...

I heard that V FM is too in trouble and they find it difficult to make profit.

LANKA INFO said...

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Sajith said...

I'm so sad to hear what happen to asura fm.. even though i'm out of the country i used to listen asura fm almost everyday.. Such a valuable station with a value product for the listeners... This is what we want for the country not any crap radio culture.. Asura fm delivers first class music quality prgrams for the country... it's very diconcerting to hear former asura turns in to a first clas crap station...

Rasika said...

All the frequencies which were belonged to ABC network have been already given to VIS broadcasting which is now carrying out the test transmission on 107.9Mhz and also the they have a plan to start another channel either in English or Tamil.
Now the ABC is in big trouble as it could not find frequencies for their other two channels.

Duffy said...

This is bad news. I noticed it too.

The following are the ABC frequencies which have been allocated to President's son!!!!

107.9 Colombo (Used by Hiru FM)
89.8 Colombo (Used by Gold FM)
99.9 South (Used by Sun FM)
100.7 South (Used by Hiru FM)
107.9 Kandy (Used by Hiru FM)
90.9 Kandy (Used by Gold FM)
104.8 North Central (Used by Sun FM)
102.9 Islandwide (Used by Hiru FM)
104.2 Jaffna (Used by Sha FM)

I was shocked to see this. Now it's pretty clear why the Government wanted to suspend ABC Networks....

Post what you folks think.......

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Tharaka said...

OMG Jaffy

That's mean Sha FM & Sun Fm will not start forever ?

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Yohan Dalpatadu said...

Airtel Sri Lanka Web Site - Coming Soon!!!

I think launch their web site after they launch their Mobile and
3G Services.

Dhammika said...

Airtel HOW soon???
they were supposed to launch on the 18th Dec - they already had a softlaunch on Nov 17th at Mt. Lavinia Hotel.

any set backs- any news??

scarus said...

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JB said...

Rhythm is doing better than Sha & Raja this will be amoung top 5 stations soon....