Monday, March 02, 2009

New Channel vanishes

The new television channel that we reported to have been carrying out test transmissions using DD News has been off air for over a week now. This channel carried out a very low powered test transmission as it was barely visible even inside colombo. Please keep us updated on the latest on this channel as and when information becomes available.

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(Post reformatted and corrected on 4th March 09)


madushan chamikara said...

is that Siyatha TV or another?

xazweb said...

This is Indian DD cannel man. We used to receive it about 8 years ago too.. Sometimes its signals very strong and you can see pictures and sounds clearly I noticed that in the evening and early morning and gloomy days signals are very strong. But these signals are not permanent. It has something to do with magnetic field on the ground.

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s and cr said...

the phenomenon is called ducting - usually vhf low frequency channels are carried when geo atmospheric conditions are favourable