Thursday, June 11, 2009

ITN to launch two channels soon....

According to reports surfacing in the media ITN will be launching its sister channels very soon. Even though frequencies have not been allocated to these channels being state channels frequency allocations will be a breeze. The Wasantham TV and Prime TV logos were seen at the ITN anniversary celebrations held recently. ITN also has inked a content deal with china's CCTV indicating that the English channel may rebroadcast this channel to cover up airtime.

Please keep us updated updated on the latest about these channels as the days progress.


nick said...

good morning admin. after long time. it is happy to see a new post. but this post is toooooooo old

Sam said...

Vasantham Newst Tamil Enter TV Channel Sister Channel of ITN will air Tomorrow.This was on 3rd June SundayLeader .

I dont know How did i Miss this

nick said...

dont they mentioned about prime tv?

Sam said...

3rd May Sunday Leader

New Tamil service

ITN, one of two government owned TV stations, plans to launch a Tamil service on June 12, coinciding with its 30th anniversary.

W.P.A.M. Wijesinghe, General Manager ITN told The Sunday Leader that the market for a new Tamil service was bigger than that for a Sinhala service, considering the fact that there are allegedly only two main channels catering to the former, namely Rupavahini and Sirasa TV.

Called “Vasantham,” he said that initially the service would be restricted to Colombo, before going islandwide.

“The cost for the first stage will be Rs. 40 million, while the islandwide beam will entail another Rs. 20 million in costs,” said Wijesinghe.

“It will mainly be focused on entertainment, however, the ITN Tamil news segment will ultimately be taken out and transferred to this channel,” he said.

“We shall provide this service with the existing staff, with the possible recruitment of an additional one or two staff at the most,” said Wijesinghe.

The ITN Group which comprises the TV channel and Lakhanda radio service saw turnover pass the Rs. one billion mark for the first time last year, with profit after tax estimated at Rs. 50 million, as opposed to Rs. 20 million in 2007.

“We took a hit in 2007 because of government directed salary increases,” said Wijesinghe.

“The salary bill after taxes is our biggest expenditure component,” he said.

The Group which has between 560-600 employees is burdened with a salary bill amounting to between Rs. 18-20 million monthly, Wijesinghe said.

The company also plans to invest another Rs. 40 million before the year end on the installation of a transmitter station at Kikiliyabala, Nuwara-Eliya, to improve its broadcasting service to Nuwara-Eliya town.

“The ideal location to instal this transmitter station is Piduruthalagala, but space from that mountain has already been taken-up by Rupavahini which has installed transmission towers, and the Civil Aviation Authority that has established a radar station there, said Wijesinghe.

Sam said...

Dont know About That

Tharanga said...

Vasantham TV will air on 25th of this month.

Sam said...

Radio 2 hit air .It is the first Radio Channel that Start there transmission in the 12 midnight.I dotn know why is that?

Its on -

Sam said...

When You Go To Radio 2 Website You Can See Up In The Window They Have Mention Radio 2 104.5 from Colombo Etc.. . I Dont Know Why They Are Publishing Wrong Informaition.Because These Frequencies Are Owned By Radio 1
.But In Side The Web Site they Have Mention Radio 2 On Fm 97.3 And They Havent Mention The Other Frequencies That Allocated For Radio 2.

Nother Thing Is That There Is Ad Mention About Radio One But If You Click It Its Going To Tv2 Website.

Sam said...

Radio 2 Now On Kandy And DownSouth

Sam said...

New Tv Channels Logos Are Now Showing On ITN On Lot Of Time's .They Are Doing A Campaing For DenguFeever And Showing All logos .

Lasith said...

Cricket : Pakistan tour of sri lanka will be on Sports 1st live from july 4 onwards.

nishantha said...

Cricket telecast rights in Lanka to State TV
Cabinet has instructed Sri Lanka Cricket to offer exclusive telecast rights of international cricket matches played in Sri Lanka only to the State Television Channel Rupavahini while the State owned ITN will remain as the second option. The move will result in a private TV network losing the rights to telecast an upcoming cricket series in Sri Lanka.

This is a good dicision by the Gov.


Hon Media Minister and Hon Sports minister please look forward, think about a 'National Sports channel' - SLRC sports - Rupavahini or Channel Eye (Nethra tv) and ITN, Vasantham or Primetv cannot interrupt their regular programmes for a sports event. for last 20 years of time some saturdays and sundays those gov channels telecasting any event of sport. last sunday SLRC telecast 'bradby' and some times ITN telecast Vollyball mathes on Sunday and Sat.

Every Sri Lankan Television Viewers dont want to watch sports event on thier holidays. As we all know most of the people like to watch Cricket but what about other sports? Only few likes to watch Rugby, Football, athletic and Vollyball. They need much more edutainment event like movies, Documentries and others on holidays.

Prime Time For Sri Lankan Television is 6.00pm to 10.00pm

lets think about Sri Lankan tour of South Africa match. Channel Eye (Nethra Tv) must sacrifice thier Prime Time.

All the main School sport events like Ananda - Nalanda, Royal - Thomian Cricket 0r Rugby 0r any other sports event can telecast on SLRC Sports. And Sri Lanka need some Sports learning programmes.

India Gov useing DD sports channel for thier international and domestic sports events.

Lasith said...

But why a private tv cant get the rights to telecast a local cricket tournament? That's unfair.

Sam said...

Vasantham Tv Will Air On 25th June . This was On ITN Time to Time. .Its like Small ad on the up Coner.

Tharanga said...

Vasantham TV test transmission on VHF 9

Sam said...


sdd said...

hi i am from saudi arabia who can i get vasantham tv to wicht saudi arabia

Anasly Rodrigo said...

Very Informative post. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world. Will be in touch with you I too interested in Sri Lankan media behavior. Thanks.