Friday, August 28, 2009

Digital TV from next year

The government has yesterday decided to introduce DVB-T transmissions from the next year. Initially this will consist of converting Rupavahini & ITN to convert to digital transmissions. We believe that Analog and digital transmissions have to be carried out in parallel in because many a greater percentage of the television sets in the country do not support digital reception. The government should also consider subsidising the digital television receivers in order to make sure that when analog transmissions are switched off, no one is left without a picture on their television screens.

This is good step forward for our tiny island nation and once the first DVB-T transmissions start taking place next year, a deadline should be in place to switch off all analog transmissions. The government could build digital television transmitters and get the private channels to broadcast through them until they are able to build their own infrastructure.

The government should also look urgently at implementing DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) for radio transmissions since we have FM channels mushrooming all over sri lanka.

DVB-T contains various features such as interactivity as well as additional content that could be delivered to the viewers screen such as EPG, ect.

Source : The Daily News 28th Aug 2009 - DVB-T technology for TV transmission


Sam said...

Correction -

Max Tv And Max Radio Will Be ReLaunch From 1st Of September. There Are Posters In Colombo And Also Teaser Are Carrying Out By Tv And Radio Both.

Vista said...

When DVB-T is launched would we have to purchase a TOP-BOX to convert digital signals to analogue signals?

The_Uncle said...

When digital TV is launched in Sri Lanka you will have to either buy a digital-ready television set or choose the cheaper option which is to purchase a digital set-top-box and connect it to your television in the same way as you would connect a satellite receiver box, then you can receive digital signals on your analog TV.

Other countries have had digital television for about 10 years and have had experience in analog to digital transitions so our government can learn from them.