Thursday, August 13, 2009

KISS launches

Sri Lanka's latest radio channel KISS FM launched officially today at about 10:10am after several weeks of testing.

The channel is operating on 89.8 FM. The quality of the transmission has improved over the last few weeks however the channel is still not clear in certain areas around colombo. We hope that KISS engineers take steps to improve this situation.

We wish the management and staff of KISS all the best as they launch this channel.

KISS Website :
KISS on Facebook :


Transporter said...

UK contact no given in the website.

Sam said...

Yep Its True Uk Contac No Given. I Don't Know Why They Are Doing This Because When They Wer Doing Testing . In The Site There Was A Mobiltel Number Mention Text 071 Kiss 898.When They Launch There Channel Today They Have Updated There Site .But The Contac Number Is Same Like That But Now There Is A LandLine Number 011 Kiss898 Saying Talk And Text.What Is This

AMD said...

The no is 011 5477 898, for both voice and SMS.

Rasika said...

VOA in an advertisemment to recruit a manager
it states that they are operating three radio channels and hoping to start another radio channel and tv channel in the future.
Refer the advertisement in topjob
you all can see the details

Sam said...

So So Now What Are You Saying People . Some Of Fellow Blogger Commented That Kiss Fm Run By Voa. Its Not Run by Voa.

In Top Jobs Web Site Voa Have Ask For Managers .According To That Vacancy Advertisement They Have Only 3 Radio Channels But Later They Are Planing To Launch Nother Radio Channel And A Tv Channel.


Sam infact on that VOA ad they talked about Kiss FM as another radio channel. If you still have doubt go through this link and find out.

SAMPATH said...

A new tv channel test on UHFchannel 46.They shows Old sinhala teledramas & NHK programmes.I think this is SIYATHA TV.Pls.check & post comments.

Kumar said...

Is it powerful? I couldn't get signal here at Colombo 05