Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prime TV & Radio to launch on Nov 12th

Sri Lanka's latest English Television & Radio channel (Prime TV and Prime Radio) will launch on Nov 12th 2009 at 10am with a colourful opening ceremony at the BMICH.

These two fully English channels which are sister channels of ITN will carry 24 hour broadcasts. According to reports teresstrial coverage of Prime TV and Radio will in cover Colombo and the suburbs. However Prime TV will be available islandwide via Dialog TV making it the first local English channel on Dialog TV.

Prime TV is expected to rebroadcast Star Cricket & CCTV. However soon other entertainment programmes are expected to be introduced. We urge the management of Prime TV to broadcast programmes not seen by other locals channels and pay television channels.

Prime TV is expected to be on UHF 24 but we are unable to confirm this. We wish Prime TV and Prime Radio all the best in their future endeavours.

Link : Daily Mirror - Prime Move


Rasika said...

This radio 1 bugger is a funny fellow because last time also he sold all the UHF frequencies to EAP and this time he is selling all the FM frequencies to ITN. According to him, this could be a profitable business.
It looks like ABC is not in a position to start their other two channels unless they find frequencies from person like radio1 guy.

Duffy said...

Does this mean 'RADIO ONE' will be renamed 'PRIME RADIO'?

Just look at this link also

The 'RADIO 2' fan page on Facebook which has been disappeared for a while is back online....


Rasika I think ABC is not keen on starting their muted radios but according to a person from ABC they're so much in interest to start 3 TV channels in all languages. Because they may feel Embarrassing that VOA kind of media started TV's even though they've commenced recently.

Therefore after more than 10 years journey at media industry ABC will be thinking to start TVs as soon as possible.

With the election coming around anything can happen.

Sam said...

If Prime Tv Is Now On Dialog Tv Then Should Start TestTransmission On UHF.Because When They Launch Vasantham Tv They Had A TestTransmission. But This Time Nothing

Sam said...

Yep Its Radio One Is Going To Be Relaunch As Prime Radio .Because I Went To Radio 1 Facebook Profile And I Put Some Comment's Regarding Prime Radio . This Is The Reply I Got From Them.

104.5FM Radio One - The Magic Of Retro. Tune in tomorrow - Find out for yourself!! Keep listening for more information about 12th November ;)

104.5FM Radio One - The Magic Of Retro Hey Sam ,
Tune in tomorrow at 10.00am and find out! :))

So What Els .

Sam said...

But There Is Nother Thing Just Now I Went To Radio 2 Facebook Profile There Is Also Comment lIke This.

Radio 2 ::: 97.3FM ::: 12th November.........


What Is This

Tharanga said...

Prime TV on UHF 24.

SLRC going to launch another channel on UHF 52.

bank_dude said...

Yes I saw colour bars on UHF 52

Sam said...
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Sam said...
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Tharanga said...

NTV test transmission on UHF 52 from independence square colombo.

Sam said...

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