Tuesday, December 15, 2009

E FM signal being jammed

Reports indicate that areas such as Ja Ela are experiencing a signal jam on 100.4 FM. Listeners of E FM are complaining of not being able to receive the station properly. According to information the jam is due to a sinhala language station broadcasting on the same frequency which we believe is broadcasting from kalutara and they are overstepping their boundaries.

The TRC which is apparently aware of the situation is not taking any steps to rectify the problem which is aggravating the situation further.

We are not sure what are the policies of the TRC and the Media Ministry on frequency allocation but it seems that the frequency allocation policy is gathering dust in some dust bin at both organisations or being overlooked to cater to the interests of certain people.

We urge the management of Colombo Communications to take necessary action and enable their listeners to enjoy the transmission without these disturbances otherwise they will end up losing their listeners. We also urge the TRC and the Media Ministry to immediately order the management of the sinhala language station to stick to their broadcasting boundaries or issue a new frequency to them.


emmadc2006 said...

PLS Note: This is not a Technical Issue, This Is POLITICAL Issue......


micky3825 said...

Efm is being blocked by some Sinhala station called Neth FM. I clearly heard Neth FM on 100.4 fm when, I think Efm had a power outage for a few seconds. Can somebody please sort this out!

Rasika said...

Do not make comments with knowing the real situation
In this case the problem is E FM is broadcasted from Colombo and the same frequency is allocated to Neth FM for Kandy which is broadcasting from Hunnasgiriya for kandy and central province.
Other than that 100.1Mhz which is allocated for Lak FM from Magalkanda has been changed most recently to 100.2Mhz from the same location for an unknown reason.

Becuase of these reasons other two frequncies of Lak and Neth always make troubles for listeners of E FM. The next thing is that E FM broadcastin 100.4 is intended only cover up to Ja-ela and they need to look into this matter.

Rasika said...

Another thing is clear that after allocating all the available frequencies islandwide, this jamming effect causes lot of problems everywhere and it makes listerners a horrible experience where they can not listen to either of their favorite stations broadcasting on the same frequency from two locations. if somebody from TRC can visit Jaela area, it can be clearly identified this jamming effect on several frequencies.

Sam said...

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Lisura said...

EFM Colombo frequency 100.4 is given to Neth FM from Hunnasgiriya. You can't listen to EFM on 100.4 passing Wattala on Negombo road, Kelaniya on Kandy road and Biyagama on the New Kandy Road. And when you are listening to it while traveling its get disturbed a lot.

Its a real nuisance. I hope to make a formal complaint to TRC. They should be mindful when allocating frequencies !!!

Rasika said...

But there are several frequencies allocated like this. the problem is that the E FM broadcasting power is not enough to cover a substantial area.
Please see the below frequencies issued both in Kandy & Colombo.
87.6, 91.2, 93.9, 99.9, 97.6, 97.3, 107.9, 101.3, 100.4, 106.2, 106.5

micky3825 said...

Rasika, Efm is using the transmitters used by Capital fm and Fm 99,
if you will recall it was the first private radio station to go on air 16-17 years ago, even before TNL. E fm I'm sure has always been transmitting at the same power, So why should efm increase the power?, however it is obvious Neth Fm who has got a frequency to operate from hunnasgiriya, is now illegally also covering Colombo. That my friend IS the problem!