Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YOUR Radio - coming soon

Sri Lanka's latest English Language Radio channel part of VIS broadcasting "YOUR Radio" will commence broadcasting soon on 88.3 FM. Presently test transmission of "YOUR Radio" are taking place during the course of the day.


Naleen said...

Some thing unrelated. NTV transmission is jammed with Rupavahini UHF channel in Kesbewa area. Hope Rupavahini will take neccessary action.

nisha said...

If one Radio Station can operate on one Frequency to whole Island like sath fm do. We will have 200 fm stations.

87.5 to 108 fm

206 frequencies between them.

does any one know about the technical difficulty of this issue.

Sam said...

Any One Know What Are The Channels Tv And Radio Channels To Start This Year.

Duffy said...

I think Vasantham FM has been moved to 94.7FM (Colombo)...Can somebody confirm this? If this is true, what's going to happen to 97.3?

Rasika said...

Earlier when I spoke about 94.7 & 88.3, Nik said that no one can operate from colombo on these two frequencies because of technical issues but now Vasantham has moved to 94.7 and VIS opearating on 88.3. If this is so, there are few frequencis open for few operators or channels. they are
102Mhz, 101.5Mhz, 105.4Mhz, 104Mhz & 88.7Mhz
Nik, please comments

Kumar said...

This is violating the TRC Licensing. Because Islandwide Frequencies (Nuwaraeliya) covers Colombo, if somebody starts on these frequencies there will be interfernce, guardband recommened is 0.3 MHz, here it is 0.2 MHz

Sam said...

ITN Is Doing Some Thing . There Was Ad On ITN Saying That Vasantham Tv On VHF 10 And ITN On UHF 53 And They Are Asking Our Comments Ask.

Sam said...

Is Vis Will Start There Tv Channel In This Year.Becoz They Have Mention In Newspeaper That Soon They Are Going To Come Up With Tv Channel And Also They Have Mention That They Are Hopping To Start Tv And Radio Channels In Different Languages.

Sam said...

Is Nahil Wijesuriya Has Taken The Frequency Back ?

Nik said...

Hi Rasika,

My comment is based on ITU-T recommendations and the regulatory framework of TRC. As per that there should be 300KHz space between two channels otherwise each other will start interfering to other. I.e. 87.6 SLBC and 87.8 Real Radio.

So now 88.3 will have the same issue with very powerful Lakhanda transmission on 88.5

Both TRC and the station owners should take special care when selecting frequencies as it will waste there money as well as disturb the existing channel if not properly planned.

For Nisha,

Frequencies doesnt work like that. 87.5 - 108 MHz the total spectrum available is 206MHz. But the radio frequency allocation done based on Grid and the application which it will be used. For FM radio you need to have 300KHz bandwidth of the allocation. Which mean if you are operating on 88.8MHz, you are already occupying the spectrum from 88.65 - 88.95 MHz as the application it self is frequency modulation and to modulate FM stereo signal you need that much of a spectrum bandwitdh.

So now you know how many channels can be operated on a single GRID, which can be identified as a single coverage area. Now to go on Islandwide, TRC has several Grids on their books and allocation is done based on non-interference base.

Sath FM is lucky to have 103MHz from almost all GRIDs. But as the messy spectrum we have, there is absolutely no other chance to have such single allocation on all grids.

Nik said...

Kumara is correct. i.e. 88.7 cannot be operated from colombo as 88.8 is from Nuwara Eliya.

Further re 88.3, there is 88.1 and 88.5 both very strong transmission covering colombo TNL and Lakhanda.

Rasika said...

Nik & Kumar,
I really agree with the comments you both have expressed becuase these comments include technical classification as well. But in this 88.7Mhz issue, I will give you few examples where these technical regulation violated.
Ex 1:
93.3 Mhz
SLBC commercial service is operating from Colombo and Lak FM operating from Nuwaraeliya on the same frequency

Ex 2:
SLBC National service is operating on this frequency from Nuwaraeliys for years and now Hitz FM is operating on the same frequency from Colombo

Ex 3: 103.5Mhz - SLBC tamil service is operating from Nuwaraeliya for years and now Sath FM is operating on 103.6Mhz from Colombo, Laggala & Gongala(south)

Ex 4: 94.4Mhz: - SLBC City FM is operating from Nuwaraeliya for years and now FM Derana is operating on 94.5Mhz from Colombo.

Ex 5: 100.2Mhz - SLBC english service is operating from Nuwaraeliya for years and now Lak FM is operating on the same frequency from Magalkanda and on 100.1Mhz from Laggala (Matale) & Gongala(south)

these are few practical (not hyphothetical) examples where these regulations and technical aspects are violated openly.

Sam said...

Ya TV Live WebCast Now On Air. Ya Tv Has Launch New Radio Channel Online Streaming And Ya Tv Live WebCast.
Log On To www.yatv.net

Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

Tharanga said...

New channel on UHF 22

Sam said...

Tharanga , I Just Tune I Could'nt See Anything. What Time We Can See It ?

Sam said...

The New Tv Channel Sholud Be VisBroadCasting .There Was A Article About YouthRadio On SunDay Lankadeepa Sendella. They Have Mention About There Yourradio .

They Have Told That CCTV Srilanken Transmission Will Be Air On April. Nother Thing Is There Next Radio Channel Is CRISriLanka.They Have Connection With CRi International

Tharanga said...

vis CCTV sri lanka transmission on UHF 29. another channel on UHF 22. Both are actived.

Anonymous said...


Sam said...

CCTV and VIS Company of Sri Lanka Signed CCTV-9 Landing Agreement

On November 23, CCTV and VIS company of Sri Lanka officially signed CCTV-9 Landing Agreement for jointly broadcasting CCTV-9 through ground-based radio frequency in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, to further expand the coverage of CCTV-9 in South Asia. About 2 million local residents will be able to watch CCTV-9 after its landing in Colombo.

nisha said...

Sinhalese service of CRI to be rebroadcast via SLBC
May 16th, 2009 - 17:34 UTC by Andy Sennitt.
China Radio International and the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) have entered into an agreement on broadcasting programmes. This is the result of a discussion between the Information and Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and Chinese broadcasting officials. Accordingly, Sinhala programmes of China Radio International will be broadcast through the SLBC. [No further details given].

Sam said...

What Is The English Radio Channel On FM 97.3 ?

Sam said...

Acorrding To The News That I Got CRI SriLanka To Start On 23rd April On Fm 102 .

So What Will Happen To Lak Fm ?

Naleen said...

CCTV 9 being broadcast from last night uninturruptedly, I guess on UHF 30, I am from Kesbewa and its clearly visible from there. Seems to be a powerfull transmission..

Rukmal said...


Dilruk said...

No Following Transmission Recieve To Radawana Area And Gampaha Area..
This Is Big Issue In Srilanka Televisoin Channals Coverage Poor Level.
* Siyatha Tv - Not Coverage To Gamapaha/Yakkala/Radawana (Transmission Requested. But Engineer Division Not FeedBack )

* Tv Lanka - No Coverage To Gamapaha, Yakkala, Radawana And Full In Gampaha District Too.
There Hot line number is wrong.

* VIS 3 CCTV News - Interfiarance With Sirasa Tv.. Very Weak Signal. Due To This Problem Vis3 CCTV Channel And Sirasa Tv No Clear To Radawana And Kirindiwela,Yakkala , Gampaha Sites.

* MTV - Poor Signal Level Into Gampaha / Yakkala / Radawana Area's

* NTV (Rupavahini English) - No Any Coverage To Gampaha And Radawana Main Area's
We Requsted. But Rupavahini Engineer Division Have Not Transmeters. They Alwasly Reject Customes Requsts..


Dilruk said...

As Sri Lanka Meny Of Tv Channels Not Clear And No Recieved Tv Transmissions From Colombo, Kandy And Other Sits In to Gampaha District We Request International Tv Network To Come Soon To Srilanka..
Because Srilanka Is Now Developed Country..

Dilruk said...

Following Tv Transmissions Not Covered Gampaha Disritct
(2006 - 2010 Period)
News :

Siyatha Tv
Prime Tv
Art Tv
Vettri Tv
Dan Tv
Tv Lanka
Max Tv
Shakthi Tv

2010.12.29 Updated New Informations To You