Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Radio Station spotted on 97.3 FM

A new English Language Radio station can be heard on 97.3 FM. The transmissions are not that clear. It could be another frequency for YOUR Radio which was testing on 88.3 FM or it could be another new Radio channel altogether.


Sam said...

This Not A New Channel Its Prime Radio

Sam said...

CCRI SriLanka Now On Fm 102

Rasika said...

Now frequencies are almost finished for Colombo area and only two frequencies available 104Mhz and 105.4Mhz


Strengthening and enhancing the historical relationship between China - Sri Lanka, VIS Broadcasting makes history with "CRI SRI LANKA" FM 102

VIS Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd proudly presents its third radio channel "CRI SRI LANKA" on FM 102 (Western Province) with the collaboration of China Radio International.

The TEST Transmission is currently ON AIR

Daily program parade

05:30 AM - 07:30 AM - English
07:30 AM - 11:30 AM - Chinese
11:30 AM - 13:30 PM - Sinhala
13:30 PM - 15:30 PM - Tamil
15:30 PM - 17:30 PM - English
17:30 PM - 19:30 PM - Sinhala
19:30 PM - 21:30 PM - Tamil
21:30 PM - 00:30 AM - English

Rasika said...

SLBC Yatiyanthota Frequency for Sinhala National Service 90.3Mhz has been re-adjusted to 90.4Mhz. It is learnt that TRC is going to issue 90.2Mhz frequency from Colombo for another operator. Who is this?????????

Rasika said...

SLBC to open Yarl FM
The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation plans to open a fully fledged radio station in Jaffna with islandwide coverage in about two weeks.

This station is named Yarl FM, symbolizing the cultural identity of the people of the Northern Province, states a SLBC press release.

Sam said...

What CCTV Tv Channel Vis Is Going To Air . Because One Day There Was CCTV 4 And Other Day There Were CCTV 9 But Now CCTV News.

Now They Are Using UHF 29 Only.

Sam said...

CCTV 9 On Prime Tv ?

What's This Are? One Foreign TV Channel In Two Tv Channel's In A One Country.

Are Thses People Are Mad ?

Tharanga said...
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Tharanga said...

CCTV 9 english channel Renamed as CCTV News.

Sam said...

Braking News Visbroadcasting Launch YASH RADIO , YASH TV , YOUR TV , YOUTH TV SOON


Sam said...

Vis 3 Channel Is Airing CCTV News On UHF 29

Sam said...

I Think Vis Is Going Launch Nother Channel On UHF 22 .Because I so That They Have Mention CCTV On UHF 29 Near Royal College .

Nothere Thing Is That UHF 29 CCTV Is Testing 24hrs Every Day But UHF 22 Is testing Time To Time

NP said...

I think VIS-3 and CRI launched. They have advertised on 09th May Silumina news paper. CRI Radio on FM 102 and VIS-3 on UHF 29 which is re broadcasting CCTV news.

Vishwa said...

PS; VIS-03 MEANS ARE THERE VIS-01 n VIS-02..?????

Sam said...

I Think There Will Be Vis 1,Vis 2 And Vis 4 .Because There Are 3 More Channels To Come

Yash Tv , Your TV , Youth Tv

Sam said...

CCTV is now shown in Sri Lanka
Mon, May 10, 2010

Latest News

Sri Lankans now have the opportunity of viewing CCTV news.

The launching of the CCTV News Channel which took place recently is further strengthening relations between China and Sri Lanka.

Viz Broadcasting Services will be handling the telecasting of this New Channel in the island.

The Channel will be bringing News and Feature Programmes 24 hours of the day. The Western Province viewers can view the CCTV News Channel on UHF Channel 29.

It will be expanded to cover the entire island in the future.

Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne, Ministers Keheliya Rambukwella and Susil Premajayanth and Media Secretary W.B.Ganegala were present at the launching ceremony.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

Rasika said...

TRC website FM frequency list is updated, see howmany frequencies are allocated for VIS and VOA

Sam said...

What Is Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited ?

Sam said...

What Is Globaal Radio Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited

Rasika said...

why ABC is not getting frequencies?????????

Mario said...

There is Globaal Radio Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited and
Globaal TV Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited. They both have several radio and tv frequencies reserved. ( the UHF frequency section of trc website has been updated too ).

Both VIS and Dialog Television also have several UHF frequencies reserved.

mdjlanka said...

These r sm nw frq's alloctd by TRC


Globaal Radio Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited Jaffna 90.3 RESERVED
Globaal Radio Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited Gammaduwa 93.5 RESERVED
Globaal Radio Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited Colombo 105.4 RESERVED
Globaal Radio Broadcasting Company(Private) Limited Gongala 105.6 RESERVED

VIS Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd Colombo 91.4 RESERVED

Lakviru Radio and Television Network (Private) Limited Colombo 91.6 OPERATIONAL

Yellowin Media Private Limited Hunnasgiriya 91.8 RESERVED
Yellowin Media Private Limited Jaffna 88.2 RESERVED
Yellowin Media Private Limited Gammaduwa 105.6 RESERVED

Independant Television Network Ltd Colombo 94.7 RESERVED


VIS Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd Colombo 22 RESERVED
VIS Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd Colombo 55 RESERVED

Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited Karagahatenna 39 RESERVED
Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited Colombo 54 RESERVED
Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited Kandy 54 RESERVED
Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited Gongala 62 RESERVED
Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited Nayabedda 46 RESERVED
Shri Globaal Television Company (Private)Limited Jaffna 47 RESERVED

Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd Colombo 44 OPERATIONAL
Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd Colombo 9 50 OPERATIONAL

Digital Broadcasting Service Islandwide 57 RESERVED
Digital Broadcasting Service Islandwide 59 RESERVED

Asia Broadcasting Corporation Colombo 45 RESERVED
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Gongala 45 RESERVED
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Laggala 45 RESERVED

Mario said...

Gold FM is probably the only radio station in Sri Lanka that is not available online. Why are they not interested. In this modern era, there are plenty of inexpensive way to stream online.

Duffy said...

VASANTHAM FM is now on 102.4FM.

Rasika said...

I saw a comment by one guy in that ABC has been issued few frequencies. Is that true?

Mario said...

Here is the full article.

Duminda Silva gets 27 radio frequencies
Friday, 28 May 2010 17:36

According to sources in Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka Colombo District UPFA Parliamentarian Duminda Silva is to be provided with twenty seven radio frequencies.

A highest person in the government has directed the Chairman of the Commission to make arrangements for Parliamentarian Duminda Silva to have the frequencies. It has been revealed that the Parliamentarian has already made all arrangements to commence four radio channels.

Mr. Duminda Silva has also asked for four TV channels from this top person in the government. However, the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has so far not received any direction regarding this. According to our sources the permits for the radio frequencies have been issued in Duminda Silva’s brother’s name.


As I said earlier likewise VIS Broadcasting ABC also looking to start 4 radio stations (resuming Sha, Sun fm & may be classical Sinhala Fm like Ran and another tamil radio. They can do magic with new 27 Fm frequencies they got now.

Not only that they're hoping to start 4 Tv ( Hiru Tv, Gold tv, Sooriyan Tv & another TV as well)

They already have UHF frequencies for 1 TV.

With ABC expanding their operation Now we have VIS, ABC, EAP, MTV/MBC, VOA will be the big medias in sri lanka.


Hiru Fm and Gold Fm are starting there official website soon as and


Rasika said...

If so ABC will be the biggest radio broadcaster in Srilanka with 7 radio channels with Hiru, Sooriyan & Gold also will be the biggest media group in srilanka with 7 radio channels and 4 TV channels

nisha said...

I think all the Sri Lankans Should understand about Radio and Television media.

The Things happening in our tv and radio sets is not tv and radio.

its a very complicated and very respective profession.

grabbing lots of tv or radio frequencies is not a guideline to a good Quality media.

Every Tv channel should have good programmes to telecast. without playing backtoback music videos.

There is a one Example on this issue is THtv on dialog tv. They dont have any programme to telecast. only talkshows.

no plan, No vision, just only some youth's to run a tv station.

As a people its not big issue, because THtv running on Dtv paltform. but the terrestrial frequencies are property of the people. upcomming ABC's 4 Channels and Others (VIS 1 and VIS 2) should understand this.

Patson said...

In which satellite TV channel IIFA was broadcasting from Srilanka??Still the TVLanka is not on satellite& stay grounded, says no money.gone off since 25-feb-2010

Rasika said...

Anynews about Duminda Silva's 27 frequencies??????????

Rasika said...

Anynews about Duminda Silva's 27 frequencies??????????

Mario said...


Online streaming also available. &

Painkiller said...

LBN authorized Direct Dealer for Sun Networks Channels in Sri Lanka -

Mario said...


They have mentioned SUN FM & SHA FM as well, that means that they will be launched soon.


ABC has started online News website on to it.

And it's no surprise Sha Fm and Sun Fm resuming within a short period they are doing all arrangements for that as they started weblink as well. Log on to

Rasika said...

anyone who knows about the sun and sha new frequencies

Rasika said...

so far TRC has not issued the said 27 frequencies to ABC or Duminda Silva.
Admin?????????? why are you silent? Please be active and give us news on these things. there are lot happening in the media but you are not publishing anything at all.

Kumar said...

What is Dialog DTV frequency? Is it active?

Rasika said...

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has decided to allocate the frequencies allocated to the controversial Channel 9 network to Asia Broadcasting Company (ABC) without publicly auctioning the frequencies.

Although frequencies need to be allocated through a public auction in a transparent manner since they are considered public property according to the TRC Act, the Channel 9 frequencies have been assigned to ABC networks without following any legal procedures.

The TRC has also decided to re-assign the nine frequencies that were taken away from the ABC networks following the Ranminitenne incident.
TRC Director General Anusha Pelpita said that frequencies were not allocated to Channel 9 and that ABC has not been assigned frequencies.

However, he said that following a Media Ministry directive, two frequencies that were formerly with the Company have been released to it once again.

When asked if nine frequencies have been released to the Company, the director general said that only two frequencies were assigned.

However, sources from TRC said that ABC has been assigned eight radio frequencies and TV frequencies that were initially assigned to Channel 9.

Several attempts to get a comment on the matter from ABC Managing Director Raynor Silva failed.

Reliable sources from the TRC said that ABC is to commence a TV channel and has already made plans to recommence Sun FM and Shaa FM.

Former head of Max and Art TV has been appointed to head ABC’s TV channel that is to be launched shortly.

The ABC had 21 radio frequencies that were used by the Company’s five radio stations before the Ranminitenne incident and the TRC on the orders of the Media Ministry held back nine frequencies from the Company.

TRC sources said that although the Media Ministry initiated an investigation into the issue, it was stopped midway after Duminda Silva joined the government and the TRC was ordered to re-assign some radio frequencies to ABC

Mario said...


Pls give us the source of this report

Rasika said...


Looser said...

මේ යකාට වැඩක් දෙන්න වැඩක් දෙන්න බැරිද කාටවත්.

මර්වින්ටවත් කියමු අල්ලලා ගස් බදින්න කියලා

3zzz said...

It is confirmed that ABC has anyhow managed to get FM and TV frequencies from TRC (through its D.G Anusha Pelpita)

Eventhough some of these frequencies will be interfered with other operational frequencies severly they managed to get them...

ABC has got 5 new FM frequencies for Colombo along. To avoid other media stations presure TRC iussued 3 frequencies under the name of Magalkanda site (Just suburb to CMB) but ultimately it covers Colombo. so they got 5 new FM frequencies and existing 3 thatz mean all together 8 FM for CMB along...(*&%$@&*

FM for Colombo

92.4 MHz (Colombo)
92.8 MHz (Magalkanda)
95.8 MHz (Magalkanda)
98.8 MHz (Colombo)
102.8 MHz (Magalkanda)

TV for Colombo

CH 45 (Magalkanda)
CH 56 (Colombo)
CH 38 (Kikiliyamana - NuwaraEliya)

Its only one thing we can say for other radio stations 'Devi Pihitai!!'

Mario said...

Why on earth would you need 5 frequencies for Colombo. They will anyways transmit from WTC so whats the fuss about ?

@ any official confirmation of this news and when will they start Test transmission ?

Rasika said...

have you got all the frequency details. If please publish all the frequency details here or give us the source.

Rasika said...

ABC is getting frequencies for Magalkanda to increase the coverage of Hiru and some other channels becuase there are many pockets hilly areas around some part of the Colombo, Gampaha, Kegalla and Ratnapura districts where Colombo or Nuwaraeliya frequencies cannot cover substantially.

Mario said...

@ Rasika

Ok, i thought it was all 5 for SUN/SHA FM.

So I guess we can assume that 98.8 & 92.4 Colombo frequencies are for SUN/SHA ?

Where is Magalkanda located ?

Rasika said...

Magalkanda is located close to Ruwanwella between Ruwanwella and Urapola towns. On that mountain, few towers are located including a huge Dialog tower. Neth FM and Lak FM are already transmitting from that location on 105.9Mhz and 100.2Mhz respectively. It is very good location to cover the whole western provice and some parts of the Kegalle, Ratnapura and Nuwaraeliya districts including Kitulgala, Yatiyanthota areas.

Mario said...


Thanks for the useful info.

According to ABC Website they are already transmitting from Magalkanda, so we can maybe assume additional 3 frequencies for Hiru, Sun & Sha.

boxoffice said...
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