Friday, September 17, 2010

Sun FM, Sha FM to relaunch?

Rumors are afoot that Sun FM & Sha FM will be launching soon. Sha FM is expected to launch before the end of this year but an approximate Sun FM launch date is not available.

There have been earlier rumors about prospective launches of these channels which led the market in their respective fields.

The rumors are based on rumors of allocation to ABC radio by the TRC of new frequencies. However these channels are not expected to be able to have the coverage prior to their controversial shutdown and equally controversial relaunch due to frequency allocation blunders by the TRC.


3zzz said...

According to ABC

Sha FM will be on 98.8
Sun FM will be on 92.4 for CMB

launching date 01st Oct. (staff is already running test beams/not test transmissions*)

Mario said...

If ull have listened to KISS 898 recently u would have noticed that most of the DJ's who were there are not anymore. Info in that they all went for i interviews to ABC and when the management of KISS found out they were all fired !!.

So you may here some of their voices on SUN along with some of the old SUN FM voices.


Yeah mario. They all fired!
Plus most of them have disabled their facebook profiles too which were related to kiss.

MANJULA1979 said...

sha will launch before november. they already got new staff.Hiru broadcast about the vacancies in sha.after sha it's sun. sun fm dj's are ready to rock !!! their old dj's are now back wiyh sun.