Friday, September 09, 2011

Max Television relauched

After an unsuccessful couple of years Max Television has now relaunched, this time as a 24hr English Language Television channel.

Only time will tell whether the new look Max Television will be successful or not. At present there are 5 English Language television channels and Max the 6th entrant would have to compete with the likes of ETV, Art TV, Channel One MTV, NTV & CSN. In addition Max will have competition from international cable television channels.

The days ahead for Max Television are not easy but they will have to focus on the non cable television subscribing English Language entertainment starved community in Sri Lanka and they could compete with the Cable TV networks by introducing programming not generally available on Cable networks in Sri Lanka.

We wish Max Television all the best in it's future endeavors.

Max Television :


thushjay said...

Best wishes Max Television !

Banuka N Amarasinghe said...

max radio will change in October

kayhaytha said...

Max TV should try to get programmes from Sky TV. This is the only Cable TV group not represented in Sri Lanka

Davi said...

Youth Radio CEO Narendra Seelanatha has been interdicted and removed from VIS broadcasting

according to the sources at VIS Narendra was accountable for several money scandal including last year failed Sean Paul concert

Yoshitha Rajapksa's CSN has shown interest on taking over the management of VIS broadcasting