Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympic Coverage Sri Lanka 2012

With over half the Olympics completed, it's very clear that this time the Olympic coverage in Sri Lanka has been excellent compared to the past. Mainly due to the pay television coverage & coverage by two Sri Lankan media giants.

The television viewers are feasting their eyes to coverage by pay television channels ESPN, ESPN HD & Star Sports including FTA coverage by Rupavahini, Channel Eye, NTV, MTV Sports, Sirasa TV & Shakthi TV. However it could still get better since we find that certain events are being telecasted simultaneously by two channels belonging to different networks. Olympic coverage on NTV cannot be viewed by a majority of viewers due to low coverage of the channel, the same applies to some of the Maharaja channels too such as mainly MTV Sports which has less coverage compared to Shakthi & Sirasa TV.

Kudo's going out the judges of the Supreme court for abolishing the exclusive rights granted to the state owned SLRC and allowing the Maharaja channels to carry out broadcasting the events too. The next time round there should be proper coordination between rival networks plus we believe a third network should be allowed to broadcast the Olympics too for a much superior Olympic experience.

All in all so far this year has been the best in terms of coverage compared to the previous years.


vetop1234 said...

CSN will not block upcoming SLPL series for cable and satellite TV providers.

Major Shirley said...

I have obtained a connection from TV Lanka. Response for installation was really fast, just 3 hours. The system used is neither DVB T1 nor 2, it is a new Chinese system.
They are still experimenting and expect to officially launch in about 2 months time.
The quality of the signal transmitted is poor when compared with DISH TV /Dialog/Terrestial. Some of the channels advertised have not yet been included but they are transmitting MGM, Al Jazeera etc. Signal strength at Kotte is over 90. I suppose one cannot grumble too much for the pittance they charge. All we can do is wait for the quality to improve.

Vista said...

There was a newspaper report recently that a new DTH provider will receive a licence. Is this the same party?