Friday, September 21, 2012

TV Lanka DVB-T pay television service... illegal

The guys who brought you "Kangaroo Courts" back in 2006, who were were instrumental in shutting CBNsat (now known as Dialog TV) & LBN claiming that they are the only licensed operator for pay television services in Sri Lanka seem to be carrying out an illegal operation of their pay television DVT-T service.

According to information reaching us, they have not signed up with many of the channels they rebroadcast and are using Videocon DTH service decoders in Sri Lanka to illegally downlink them and retransmit. Neither do they have the license to carry out a DVB-T pay television service.

It's a fact that TV Lanka Satellite channels broadcasting overseas are deemed the worst by the Sri Lankans living overseas & failed to secure a license to operate a cellular service by partnering with Anil Ambani's Reliance Mobile services. Now they seem to be out to rob the people's money and are make a quick buck. 

The service is so ill planned that TV Lanka have opted to broadcast the HD feed in SD just to attract and hoodwink prospective subscribers.

We urge the authorities concerned to take string action against these crooks who once tried to destroy the very industry that they are have now entered into illegally.


patson said...

TVLanka satellite TV channel gone off the air at the end of Feb 2010,something fishy happened soon after the President’s elections, and dumped thousands of TVLanka subscribers in the middle east without any notice. The channel is available only on UHF in Srilanka now. This DVBT can be unreliable service just like TVLanka.Its highly illegal to re broadcast any channel without permission from service provider.

පහලගෙදර පුංචිබණ්ඩා said...

Do you think Shutting down tv lanka is the solution ?, What do you say about which dialog is doing. They always removing quality channels and adding crap Indian channels, charging more than Indian Dth. 2500 Rupees for 75 Channels. This is very good challenge to dialog for increase quality of the service which they charge. My argument is why we pay more money for same channels.

Unknown said...

@පහලගෙදර පුංචිබණ්ඩා,
It's because what Dialog does is not ILLEGAL. Their service may be overpriced and they may remove channels at will, but they are legally authorized to provide the content while TV Lanka is not. Pricing and legality of a service are two different things.

If you are worried about the price, getting a DishTV or another Indian DTH connection for cheap will be a more future proof plan than to go with TV Lanka crooks. They are not stable and they are corrupted.

patson said...

It is not the cheap price always, we feel safe when do things legal.
Its good to have more pay-tv operators,get competition & good price.
Prove that TVLanka is a company that can do marketing like Dialog,PEO or LBN.Once people noticed its real ,transparent & legal they will buy DVBT boxes.
Be real, make the down link content legal, get a license from TRC, advertise properly, who are the agents, what’s the agreement, warranty after sales, can customers get a receipt for the payments???….
People don’t want to get pissed off like CBNSAT saga after few days once TRC comes & sealed off DVBT transmission.

san nugegoda said...

i talked to TV Lanka, about there DVB-T, (

got chance, talked to TV Lanka big boss, he is very friendly n gave so many details. but am not much knowledgeable for DVB-T, if some have better knowledge talk to him and share with us

sonik said...

seems there is a major frequency re-allocation for fm radio channels going on. most radio stations are advertising new frequencies from the end of the month.

Praveen said...

Got an LBN Connection fortnight ago and that is awesome. Crystal clear pictures and no disturbances while raining.