Monday, October 15, 2012

More on TRC frequency reallocation

According to information being received the frequency reallocation taking place on Nov 1st 2012 will stop disturbances occurring between radio stations. Stations that have more than five frequencies may get two frequencies & those that have less than five may get one frequency which will have islandwide coverage.

The gap between radio stations will be increase to 0.3 from the present 0.2

Please keep us updated on the new frequencies being allocated to the existing radio stations, please note that we will update the blog with the new frequencies as soon as we obtain confirmation.


Vishwa said...
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Vishwa said...
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Vishwa said...

Certainly TRC has taken a good move, but has TRC concern about the listeners having FM tuners up to 90MHz?, there are quit no of listeners who owns JAPAN used vehicles and they can tune only from 87.6 to 90MHz, most of us listen to radios while driving only. Even if you fix a freq. converter you don't get band range from 90MHz to 96MHz. With this new allocation some radio station will be limited within certain range (ex. 93.3 and 93.6) for those who having japan sets will never get a chance to hear these ch's where ever they go.
Y TRC cannot to spit allocation is such that one radio will get at least one frequency out of 90-96 range. I think in this forum also there can be large no of listeners with japan audio sets. (PS-changing old one to new set is still not economical in SL) tks

Mario said...


YES FM 101
LITE FM 87.6 & 87.8
TNL ROCKS 99.2 & 101.8
GOLD FM 93 & 93.2
SUN FM 98.9 & 98.7

HIRU 96.1 & 96.3

Vishwa said...

Considering above what given by Mario, the gap between two freq's is only 0.2MHz, whereas Head of TRC told that they gonna increase gap between two freq from 0.2 to 0.3MHZ, But it is not!!! this will gonna have interference between same ch's

Pubudu Milinda said...

Hiru fm 96.1 , 96.3 Neth fm 94.8 ,95 Rhythm fm 95.6 ,Singha fm 88.6 ,88.8 Sirasa fm 106.5 ,106.7

Lasith said...

any news on SHA FM?


Y Fm 92.7

Kim said...

The 0.3 gap applies only if it’s two different channels. If it’s the same network, then its only 0.2, making the channel signal stronger.

For Eg- Lite fm is 87.6 and 87.8 , meaning the whole 87fm range will pick up only lite FM (87.5 – 87.9) So you can tune in between those frequencies…

Anonymous said...

No Surprise the best frequencies have been given to the CSN network due to influence.

88.3 Virgin Radio, and Singha fm 88.6 and 88.8fm
And Sirasa and Hiru fm been sent over 90fm

Mario said...

Whats Virgin radio ??

88.3 is EFM

Anonymous said...

Have a listen to 88.3, teasers and calling in for CV's have been running as "red revolution" that's Virgin Radio.

88.3 is the old Your Radio Frequency.

Efm has 100.5, not sure about the second frequency.

Mario said...

EFM is running trailers saying "we are evolving, 88.3"

Anonymous said...

that's interesting...
Maybe Virgin has 88fm then.

Mario said...

According to the CSN face book page,
The teasers on 88.3 is not for VIRGIN radio as scaruslk mentioned.
The Red Revolution is for RED FM.


Vishwa said...

Raj-----h- get best out of everything. the frequency allocation is also on thier way. How come Sirasa lost thier 88.8 islandwide frq and Singha get the same. the idea is clear. majority will be forced to listen Singha (I wonder who is listening even now!!!), FOR SURE CSN WILL GET THE BEST CH nos when TRC gonna re-allocate TV CHs.
Come on WONDER OF ASIA>> Hureiiiii

Anonymous said...

Well this Red station is by CSN, so wont be bothered with it!
Hope Yes FM and SUN FM beat the ++++ out of them.


Theese website's are Working Coming soon


sorry correction is not Cool fm Website

Its A new softdrink

Mario said...

Lak FM 106 & 106.2

SOORIYAN FM 103.4, 103.6


Neth fm 95 fm and 94.8

Mario said...

YES FM 101 & 100.8
LITE FM 87.6 & 87.8
TNL ROCKS 99.2 & 101.8
GOLD FM 93 & 93.2
SUN FM 98.9 & 98.7
EFM 88.3
RADIO SRI LANKA 97.6 & 97.4

HIRU FM 96.1 & 96.3
NETH FM 94.8 ,95
RHYTHM FM 95.6 , 95.8
SINGHA FM 88.6 ,88.8
SIRASA FM 106.5 ,106.7
YFM 92.7
Lak FM 106 & 106.2
SOORIYAN FM 103.4, 103.6

Mahen said...

Alai FM will broadcast from FM 91.4 mhz

Anonymous said...

What about Kiss FM and Real Radio, Will they close down since they have not got any frequencies?

Kelum Navaratne said...
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Prime Radio & prime tv of air but the WEb site are there

Only Englsih News On Prime Tv logo on Vasantham tv

In prime Radio website they mention that They will come back soon Now The site is workiing and mentioning onair


are they going to bring backe these two channel's again ?

Mario said...

I beleive Kiss & real still havent got their new frequencies.

I wonder how EFM got 88.3 ?? becuz this is way off their existing 100.4 & 93.2.

Vishwa said...

The freq. allocation is also on the Chinthana Parade. "Chinthaneta kade yana set ekata thama hondama freq allocation eka". Has anybody experienced that freq. 93-96 very much prone to interfere with other EMWs (sometimes GSM signal also)


what Wil Happen to mawbima Radio Operate by Lakvirutelevison and radio network (Ellegunawansha thero)


This Reallocation Is Done For to get backe The Prime Radio For Itn and Nother more radio station come

example MjF Media is Starting new sinhala And Tamil fm On next month They have every thing but the problem was there were no Frequnecy for them .now they will get sure good frequnecy

nother Lot to come


What is This Tnl Tv Doing First They Started to air The buddhist Channel (in the evening ) after That They Started to air Ceylinco Channel Call Ctv [ a channel for teledrama ] All are finish now.
Because Budhhist Channel gives fta separate.

Then they started TNL Buddhist it was failure . But now again they are airing the shraddha Tv on peotv.

(kiribath goda chananda thero)


What is This Are All famous Budhhist Monk's are opening Fm and Tv Channel's ?
The Budhhist Tv And Radio -

Most Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thero

Rangiri Srilanka Tv And Radio -

most ven. innamaluwe sumangala thero

lakviru Radio And television network (mawbima radio)-

Most Ven. AlleGunawansha thero

Shraddha tv On peotv -

kiribathgoda Chananda thero

Anonymous said...

Ran Fm had got 88.1 and 88.3, But EFM is trying a fast one to use 88.3. Looks like it will be an epic FAIL. EFM will be on 100.5fm after all.

Mario said...

EFM is confirmed 88.3

Sam said...

Is red Tv Also coming

Because there two Website

Sam said...
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Sam said...

Abc Television network

Asia Broadcasting Corporation
Kandy 21
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Ratnapura 21
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Kurunegala 22
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Nayabedda 22
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Badulla 23
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Hunnasgiriya 23
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Gammaduwa 26
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Jaffna 38
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Nuwara Eliya 38
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Gongala 45 uhf
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Kokavil 45 uhf
12 1 Asia Broadcasting Corporation Magalkanda 45 uhf
Asia Broadcasting Corporation Colombo 56 uhf

Harsha Perera said...


J Lakmal said...

Shree Fm 100.0 FM & 100.2 FM from 1st November
EFM 88.3
Ran Fm 88.1 & 100.5

J Lakmal said...

Sri lankas No 1 Sinhala Radio Station SHREE FM going to 100.0 FM & 100.2 FM from 1 st November 2012

EFM 88.3 FM
Ran Fm 88.1 FM & 100.5 Fm

Kumar said...

Vettri FM 90.4 FM , 90.6 FM

Mario said...

Just Confirmed -
KISS 96.9
REAL 97.1

Kim said...

What about everlasting Radio on 97FM? Where will it go if above is correct?

lakmal08 said...

Y එෆ්.එම් 92.7
සන් එෆ්. එම් - 98.9 හෝ 98.7
නෙත් එෆ්. එම් - 94.8 හෝ 95
අලි එෆ්. එම් - 91.4
හිරු එෆ්. එම් - 96.1 හෝ 96.3
සූරියන් එෆ්. එම් 103.4 හෝ 103.6
ගෝල්ඩ් එෆ්. එම් - 93 හෝ 93.2
වී එෆ්. එම් - 107
රිදම් එෆ්. එම් - 95.6
ශ්‍රී එෆ්. එම් -100 හෝ 100.2
රන් එෆ්. එම් - 88.1 හෝ 100.5
E එෆ්. එම් - 88.3
සිරස එෆ්. එම් -106.5 හෝ 106.7
Yes එෆ්. එම් -100.8 හෝ 101
සිංහ එෆ්. එම් -88.8 හෝ 88.6
ලක් එෆ්. එම් 106.2
TNL Rocks -9 9.2
Lite එෆ්. එම් -87.6 හෝ 87.8
එෆ්. එම් දෙරණ -92.2 හෝ 92.4
ඉසිර TNL-89.1 හෝ 89.3
රන්ගිරි ශ්‍රී ලංකා - 104.4 හෝ 105.7
ලක්හඬ - 93.5 හෝ 93.7
වසන්තම් එෆ්. එම් - 102.6 හෝ 102.8
මැක්ස් රේඩියෝ 95.3
බෞද්ධයා ගුවන් විදුලිය - 101.3 හෝ 01.5


Mario said...

Last nite i received a text from EFM stating about the 88.3 frequency change and various promo's they will be having.

The text came from a +94765... no. I think that 076 is the new additional dialog prefix but im not sure.

Any can shed some light on this ?

Mario said...

YES FM New hotline and text lines from November 1st are
115937101 & 0776937101

Madhu Perera said...
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Madhu Perera said...

What about SLBC ant their regional services. What are the new frequencies?
They have got some other channels like Time Radio, Pirai FM, Vidula [children’s channel], Uva Community Radio, Kothmale FM, as well as regional services Rajarata, Kandurata, Ruhunu services.
There were some others too, can’t remember their names.

Madhu Perera said...

Citi FM 89.6 & 89.8

sudesh karunarathna said...

Shaa fm on 90.9 & 91.1

Mario said...


Mahen said...


FM Derana 92.2 MHz, 92.4 MHz
Alai Fm 91.4 MHz
E FM 88.3 MHz
Gold FM 93.0 MHz, 93.2 MHz
Hiru FM 96.1 MHz, 96.3 MHz
Kiss FM 96.9 MHz
Lak FM 106.0 MHz,106.2 MHz
Lakhanda 93.5 MHz, 93.7 MHz
Lite FM 87.6 MHz, 87.8 MHz
Neth FM 94.8 MHz, 95.0 MHz
Ran FM   88.1MHz, 101.5 MHz
Real Radio 97.1 MHz
Rhythm FM 95.6 MHz, 95.8 MHz
Shakthi FM 103.9 MHz, 104.1 MHz
Shree FM 100.0 MHz, 100.2 MHz
City FM 89.6 MHz, 89.8 MHz,
Radio Srilanka 97.4 MHz, 97.6 MHz
SSwadeshiya Sevaya 90.3 MHz, 90.3 MHz, 97.0 MHz, 98.3 MHz, 99.6 MHz, 102.0 MHz, 107.6 MHz
Velanda Sevaya 93.3FM, 106.9FM, 92.7FM
Tamil National Service 102.1 MHz, 102.3 MHz
Thendral 104.7 MHz, 104.9 MHz
Time Radio 87.6 MHz 102.6 MHz
Kothmale FM 98.4 MHz,
Singha FM 88.6 MHz, 88.8 MHz
Sirasa FM 106.5 MHz, 106.7 MHz
Siyatha FM  MHz,  MHz
Sooriyan FM 103.4 MHz, 103.6 MHz
Sun Fm 98.7 MHz, 98.9 MHz
TNL Rocks 99.2 MHz
V FM 107.0 MHz
Vasantham FM 102.6 MHz, 102.8 MHz
Vettri FM 90.4 MHz, 90.6 MHz
Y FM 92.7 MHz
Yes FM 100.8 MHz, 101.0 MHz

source :

Rajesh Chandran said...

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HeshanImesh said...

what is the frequency range of Rupavahini