Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Everlasting Radio... what happened?

Everlasting which switched frequencies several hours after the frequency reallocation took place, suddenly went off air a few days later leaving there fan's wondering on what exactly has happened. Despite assurances by their social media team from the early part of last month that the station will return soon, nothing seems to be happening. Everlasting still continues to broadcast online and the delay in resuming over the air broadcasts has disgruntled many listeners.

Many are left to wonder whether Everlasting will return to the air waves or whether the station has gone off air for good.

We hope the management of Everlasting will keep their listeners updated on the progress and the actual situation surrounding Everlasting Radio.


Rasika said...

I have just observed the frequency change for the last few weeks, it is obvious that some of the channels were immensely benefited by this move. For example, those who did not have opportunity to go islandwide due to nonavailability of frequencies have got the opportunity to expand their broadcast sufficiently to cover the whole island. Even SHA has got a good opportunity to launch their channel again.

Sam said...

Red Fm will start from 2013

Rajesh Chandran said...

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