Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everlasting Radio - gone for good?

After several months of being off air, it seems that Everlasting Radio is struggling in securing a frequency to resume transmissions. Ever since that fateful date on which the frequencies were changed, this radio station has been off air. Everlasting Radio still claims that they will return to the airwaves soon like it has been doing so for the past several months.

Although though they are presently broadcasting as an online radio station, this has also not been trouble free either. Everlasting Radio has been facing trouble with their online broadcasts as well, causing them to change URL's & confusing listeners in the process.

The future of this radio station doesn't look bright unless they can secure a frequency and resume broadcasts its likely that Everlasting Radio will be unable to keep their listeners tuned in. We hope the management of Everlasting Radio is able to secure a frequency and the authorities concerned will speed up the process of frequency allocation.


Rasika said...

How could they find a frequency. There is no space in the spectrum and TRC will never issue frequencies in future. Then they have to find a frequency from a Operator who has an extra frequency available. So there will be always problems.
I have seen in many countries (including Europe and Japan), People still use medium wave frequencies to broadcast their channels. so there is a full spectrum available in Srilanka but looks like no one is interested in it. So all the people who do not have space in FM can start using medium wave frequencies to broadcast their radio channels. But the cost might be high.

Guys, please comment on this.

Barney said...

Barmax- I agree on this, as the FM spectrum is full. However, AM band is not good for music (lot of disturbance) only good for speech like -commentaries and discussions. As Rasika said, they will have to nego a frequency with another operator if that is allowed by TRC.

Rasika said...


There won't be lot of disturbances. Now the technology is very high and there are lot ways to minimize disturbances. especially for regional broadcasts, religious broadcasts and some other specific broadcasts, people can use MW. Also SLBC can start using their closed down MW facilities to a certain extent.

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