Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Star Sports 2 to launch as a brand new channel

Contrary to previous beliefs that Star Sports 2 is actually "ESPN India" rebranded. It has been confirmed that Star Sports 2 is actually a brand new channel launched by ESPN Star Sports. The launch will take place on March 11th 2013 and international football will be it's driver content. It will also showcase other sporting content.

It's very likely that football content such as English Premier League, Spanish League & the French League will gradually be shifted to the new channel.

The ESPN rebranding exercise will take place as soon as the 100% acquisition of ESPN Star Sports is given the green light by the Indian government. ESPN India will mostly like be rebranded as Fox Sports India to reflect the rest of Asia or will be another Star Sports most likely Star Sports 3.


Rasika said...

with the introduction of new frequency plan, radio operators are gradually expanding their coverages as their will. Most recently MBC has set up a relay in station in Kurunegala to expand their YES,Y and SIRASA coverage to Kurunegala area. Again since last week, CCC has set up their transmitters in Kurunegala to expand the coverage of Ran and Shree. Also ABC is going to set up few transmitters in Kurunegala to expand their channels. In addition to that several operators are now updating and developing several of their relay stations in Nuwaraeliya and other parts of the country to give their listeners a good reception.

Golden Pekoe said...

Red FM will be on air from March 14

Sam said...

What is the connection bit ween TV Lanka & TV Derana . TV Derana Show's TV Lanka Old Sinhalese Movies Under TV Lanka Logo

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