Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Legends FM replaces Kirula Radio

Those of you who are fans with us on facebook would already know that FM 96.6 Kirula Radio went off air a week or so ago and was replaced with the latest channel by MBC Radio being Legends FM. Following the same format as the now defunct Classic Radio which was also operated by MBC Radio, this channel is now in testing phase and seems to have good coverage.

Being a English language it will operate in tandem with Yes FM 101 and will be Maharaja's second operational English channel. Even though information on the format, etc hasn't been officially confirmed yet, the channel is testing playing a mix of 70's and 80's music. Which means that the station will play the same format of music once launched.

The station follows the name of a Yes FM programming slot called "Legends" which plays similar music.

We are not sure when this channel is expected to launch officially but it will be much sooner than later.

Please keep us updated with the latest on Legends FM as the days progress.


Mario said...

Officially launching on Sunday 19th

Sam said... legend Fm webiste

jajisl said...

what happend to Kirula FM which was on that frequancy ealier.

Hirosh Tharaka said...

Is it Launched now?