Thursday, October 17, 2013

ETV undergoing change...

Over the last several days, ETV has dropped all regular programming and is concentrating on Channel News Asia plus some music and a teaser that ends with the words "The Sky is the limit". This indicates a possible relaunch or revamping of the channel under same name or another.

ETV which was owned by the EAP Group was under the management of Vanguard Management Services also with links to the EAP Group. Now it seems that they come under the direct purview of ETI Finance also a member of the EAP Group but the role of Vanguard Management Services regarding the management of ETV is not clear. They maybe retaining management control or may have now handed it over to ETI Finance.

ETV which one of the first 24hour channels in Sri Lanka then known as ETV-2, the other 24hour channel being ETV-1 now known as Swarnavahini has gone through many changes in its history. 

Whether ETV will continue to be a English language channel is yet to be seen, they have a few options. ETV may switch from Channel News Asia and sign on with another one such as Al Jazeera after the former Max TV ended Al Jazeera broadcasts after entering into test mode. ETV may relaunch as a "sports channel" such as CSN or MTV Sports.

Over the past few months there has been a certain level on instability among local FTA channels, starting with Siyatha TV which went on test, and then returned as Siyatha TV once again but this time with no regular programming, just music and a few adverts. Voice of Asia seems to be trying to lease out Siyatha TV facilities to a third party but it seems that they haven't been able to do so as yet. Next Max TV went on test mode along with their radio station Max Radio and still remain on test mode and are scrolling about a channel that we all "deseir to watch" only that "deseir" is spelled correctly as "desire". Hope they correct the spelling mistake as soon as possible instead of making a fool of themselves.

Whether the "deseired" channel will return as Max TV or as something else is yet to be seen. Now with ETV also entering a phase like the above two, only without calling it a "Test Transmission" & have opted to retain the Station ID.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding these developments as the days progress.

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