Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MTV Sports/CSN.... the blind leading the blind?

After having years and years of only general entertainment channels, Sri Lanka finally got two sports (well almost) centric channels in the guise of CSN & then MTV Sports. Well not quite, these two even though they call themselves "sports" channels, telecast mainly general entertainment content. Sports will account to a small percentage compared to the rest of the content.

However it should be said that CSN has more "live" sporting content compared to MTV Sports. However it seems that both channels are trying to out do each other by telecasting the same content. Presently both channels are telecasting the "World Combat Games". 

With so much of "live" sporting content out there in the guise of F1, MotoGP, tennis, football, etc, etc both these channels tend to chase after the same event. If one telecasts, the other follows through telecasting the same. Each one advertises it by calling it "exclusive right" and then it turns out to be not too "exclusive" after all. If both are telecasting two different events, it would not be too much of an issue but when there are other events, both these channels telecast the same event.

It's time for some maturity, it's good that we have two "sports" channels in Sri Lanka but we need better coverage, quality of broadcast and not two channels that copy each others "live" events and call themselves sports channels and broadcast over 80% of non sporting content.

These two channels are turning out to be pus sports channels and are only around to cut each others throats in what seems to be a more political battle rather that providing the viewer with what he/she desires to watch.

It won't be longer before one of these two channels bite the dust and then the other follows soon after.


Ranjith Jayakody said...

We are expecting channels like ESPN or Ten sport

Ranjith Jayakody said...

MTV Sport & CSN is not good sport channels. We need a sport channel as a ESPN or Star Sport.All the Tv channel is same way. It is time to change their system. No MOvie & drama channel. Why not start a movie channels.

Banuka N Amarasinghe said...

Star to have a Hindi sports channel; Star Sports to become mother brand |

Star India has also decided to shed the ESPN brand in the country. The rebranded channel will be called Star Sports 4. Similarly, ESPN HD has been rebranded as Star Sports HD 2. The existing Star Sports channel will now be known as Star Sports 1 while Star Cricket HD will be rebranded as Star Sports HD 1.

So it goes like dis

Star Sports : Star Sports 1
Star Sports 2: Star Sports 2
Star Cricket : Star Sports 3
ESPN : Star Sports 4
Star Cricket HD: Star Sports 1 HD
ESPN HD: Star Sports 2 HD