Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Exclusive - MTV Sports/New 1st faces identity crisis

In the wake of the launch of ADA Derana 24x7, MTV Sports / New 1st is facing an identity crisis. The channel which has a News 1st logo and MTV Sports logo displayed and telecasts everything ranging from sports, entertainment, etc doesn't seem capable of deciding what content to telecast. Initially MTV Sports biggest crisis was that they telecast many entertainment and less sports programming. After reports of the launch of a probable 24x7 news channel, then the News 1st logo was added compounding the problem even further. It seems that MTV/MBC was taken off guard and never expected a competitor to foray into dedicated news broadcasting.

So the only solution for MTV/MBC is to launch a channel for 24x7 news channel FTA, since ADA Derana is only available on Dialog TV at the moment, however expected to be on other platforms & FTA soon. Further MTV Sports should be dedicated to only sports or renamed as "MTV Sports & Entertainment". If it's renamed as "MTV Sports and News" it could be work but then again their news brand is "News 1st" which would be hard to incorporate into the name.

However the channel at the moment doesn't seem to have a sense of direction and has multiple logo's with all types of programming. It's facing an identity crisis and if rumors are to be believed there are a few that suggest that there are some severe management disputes over the direction of the channel. It looks like the Derana's are causing the Maharaja's to crack.

Let's not forget the bogus International Desk at News 1st where those who sit in there homes in Sri Lanka are asked to report as if from a major world city and the ones who do report from overseas are just some Sri Lankans who study or work in those countries who are known to staff members and are asked to read out a report prepared in Sri Lanka.


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sonik said...

I was quite fascinated to see NewsFirst sending their presenters to the roof of their news studio to present their primetime news..lol

One wonders what would happen if there was a sudden rain shower during the news broadcast, or perhaps if mosquitoes began to attack the news anchor on air... haha

nilantha said...

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