Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The demise of NTV

A few ago we witnessed the birth of a brand new channel called NTV. The channel had pathetic coverage and even more pathetic was it's content. Mainly consisting of repeats of popular TV shows, this channel was doomed from the start. Apart from a few shows the only watchable content was some classical songs that they played from time to time.

The idea behind the channel was good but the execution was a mess. The channel had no chance in the face of competition from Pay TV services and local FTA English channels.

It's actually good to have a state operated English language, but the next time this is tried out maybe more locally produced English content is the way to go.

NTV had potential but no vision. R.I.P NTV!


RandomMe Entertainment said...

Hello from Portugal.
It's sad to see that the SLRC had decided shut down their only full-time English channel.
What they should do is to make Nethra TV a channel of their own on a frequency of their own and the 07:30-21:00 slots on Channel Eye would be filled by some of NTV's programming.

RandomMe Entertainment said...

Yesterday (Portuguese timezone, March 29th), the NTV website was still there, on March 30th it now redirects to the Rupavahini website under NTV's domain.

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