Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CBN Sat & Singer to make Cable more affordable

CBN Sat Sri Lanka's latest digital Cable TV Channel is to make it's connections available through Singer Sri Lanka Limited which will make Cable TV more affordable. This will mean that we will be able to purchase CBN Sat on a monthly installment basis and since their monthly subscriptions are relatively cheap compared with Comet Cable it should come upto to a fair deal in terms of pricing.

The biggest drawback in CBN Sat is it's limited choice in terms of Channels, which means that Comet Cable still offers the best in terms of choice. CBN Sat has limited itself to only GOAL TV1 & GOAL TV 2 whereas Comet Cable provides Ten,ESPN & Star Sports. CBN Sat may be able to successfully promote itself among a wide range of income groups with the monthly scheme as the Cable[Wire] based Systems are slow in their expansion and also CBN Sat uses DVB Technology they will be able to attract even more customers if they are able to provide the full choice that Comet Cable provides.

CBN Sat says that they have invited the major broadcasters to join them, we hope that this will become a reality very soon.The sales through Singer Sri Lanka which was due to be available from 1st July has now been postponed to the middle of August and we hope that Singer will make the monthly scheme affordable, accessible to the common man without having very high criteria for buying through their monthly scheme.

We would also like to encourage CBN Sat to include some religious channels in their broadcast line up including some Hindu Channel, Catholic Channel, Christian Channel such as God TV. This will enable you to attract more customers.

Hope that the authorities at CBN Sat will be able to shed more information and we welcome comments from them.

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Originally Posted on Friday July 15, 2005 - 02:35pm (IST)


Anonymous said...

Bit out of date aren't you? CBN Sat have been kicked off the air for infringing a regulation that carries a statutory Rs. 500 fine. Good move guys, could only happen in Sri Lanka! Keep up the great progress.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the 25,000 subscribers that have been deprived of World Cup access because of this. How do you think this sort of nonsense makes SL look in the eyes of the world?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Sorry guys this article was posted on "Friday July 15, 2005". Please check the date below the post.

The reason there are two days is because this blog was originally maintained in Yahoo 360 and then we decided to move it to Blogger. So the date below the above given date is when the blog changed locations. I did not leave my old articles in the old location, instead I moved all old articles along to the new location.