Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TV & Radio Station's in Sri Lanka & Technology Used

We have 11 TV Channels in Sri Lanka

Rupavahini [Nicam Dual/Stereo]
Channel Eye
Channel One MTV
Shakthi TV
Sirasa TV

Art TV [FM Stereo]
TV Lanka

Only Art TV is a full time Stereo TV Station and Rupavahini broadcasts in Stereo for only selected programme’s and not all dubbed programmes are in Dual Language, they do not make full use of the technology available to them. All the other TV Stations broadcast on MONO.
Even though new TV’s with Nicam Stereo/Dual facility and FM Stereo facility have penetrated the market no one else has thought of upgrading sound in their braodcasts. Even though Art TV is Stereo it is not always clear and there can be more that can be done to improve it. But Rupavahini whenever they broadcast in NICAM STEREO it is always clear.

We have a few Wireless Cable TV Channels most of which are too expensive for the common man to make use of.

Comet Cable

The only Cable TV that can be afforded by the common man is LBN Cable TV and it is available only in Colombo. There is a Cable TV in Wattala and Negombo but they are expanding very very slowly and are concentrating only on highly residential areas.

LBN cable TV is using a Cable based system and so is the cable tv available in Wattala and Negombo.

I was told at the beginning of this year that in 4 months I will have cable, but now they say that I have to wait until next year.

We have only two full time English Channels ETV and Art TV. Channel One MTV broadcasts only for 2 hours in the morning and is then replaced by Shakthi TV [a full Tamil Language Tv Station] and then resumes transmission after 9:00PM. Channel One MTV has not even thought of having a seperate frequency and going for a full day broadcast.

We have a lot of FM stereo radio stations, the English one’s are

SLBC English Service

The standard of English in these stations are not up to the standard. SLBC which maintained a very high standard but this too has slumped.

News reading in these stations is like 5 to 10 minutes of comedy.

They have to pull up their socks.

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