Thursday, April 20, 2006

Y FM Spells death blow for Classic Radio

In a move that gave Oldie Song lovers a death blow. The Maharaja Group has replaced their ever popular Classic Radio with a station called Y FM which is supposed to be targeted at the Youth and play English, Sinhala & Hindi Songs with Sinhala DJ's (Hope they know their English Music as even the English Music DJ's in Sri Lanka do not know their English Music, I can just imagine about the DJ's in Y FM).

I wonder what made the Maharaja Group make this decision as there is only one dedicated English station for Oldie songs namely Gold FM. Was Gold FM too popular for Classic Radio, were the mighty Maharaja's just too weak for Gold FM. The Maharaja Group managed to reduce their ever popular English Language TV Station MTV to only a few hours per day and now they have cut down on one of their English Radio Station's. With air time of Channel One MTV losing ground to Shakthi TV. One wonder's the fate of Yes FM. Over to the management of MTV/MBC.

Originally Posted on Friday December 2, 2005 - 09:03am (IST)

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