Friday, May 26, 2006

American Idol 5 Finale : Hicks Crowned American Idol

American Idol 5 came to a close yesterday with Taylor Hicks being crowned the new American Idol. The show was telecast here in Sri Lanka by ETV on FTA television and on cable tv on Star World. This show has drawn up a huge following in Sri Lanka and getting the attention of all English Language Radio Stations in Sri Lanka.

Although the FTA broadcast was about 12 hours after the show concluded in the US. The Cable TV vierwers in Sri Lanka had a chance to view the event live as it happens.

This is at present the biggest reality show on Sri Lankan television and a well done to ETV for bringing the show to the general public in Sri Lanka and even with some reception problems causing the pictures to skip, it is hoped that ETV will continue to show this program in the next few seasons and even beyond.

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Anonymous said...

His first single will be out on June 22nd and the Album later on this year. Hopefully local radio stations will play them.