Friday, May 26, 2006

Rupavahini to show FIFA Fooball World Cup 2006

While cable tv subscribers will be watching the FIFA World Cup 2006 on ESPN Star Sports which is available on all Cable TV networks across Sri Lanka (Anyone who has a Cable TV connection without ESPN Star Sports, it is high time to switch providers and tell me who that provider is).

For the normal people of Sri Lanka the National Television Channel (of course I am talking about Rupavahini and Channel Eye) will be giving you all the action on FTA television. But here is the catch because unlike in ESPN Star Sports, not all the matches will be live. But relax folks something is better than nothing and if you want to catch all the action live then GET YOURSELF A CABLE TV CONNECTION SOON & BE PREPARED TO SPEND A MONTH OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.

Given below are the links giving the schedule of the Rupavahini and Channel Eye broadcast
Rupavahini Schedule for FIFA World Cup 2006
Channel Eye Schedule for FIFA World Cup 2006

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