Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CBNSat give heed to requests regarding God TV

Looks like CBNSat is getting quite a number of requests regarding God TV. Many customers and non customers of theirs want God TV on their channel lineup. God TV which is available on almost all Cable TV operators in Sri Lanka should be made available on CBNSat since now their competitor Dish TV has it on their lineup. There is a chance that many CBNSat customers will disconnect from CBNSat and move over to Dish TV because of this issue. CBNSat has received a communication from God TV regarding the inclusion of God TV on CBNSat and nothing has been done about this either.

Looks like CBNSat is just going to hand over on a platter the customers who want God TV to Dish TV because of their inability to give the customers what they want. God TV is a FTA channel and does not cost CBNSat much to give it on their network.

CBNSat you better start listening to customers and prospective customers and speed up your expansion as well as getting them what they want. This is a channel loved the Christian population of this country and many of them are purchasing Cable TV because of God TV and some of them who have requested CBNSat to have God TV have opted for regular Cable TV because CBNSat has not been able to provide God TV and we have also received many emails from our readers requesting us to publish an article about this issue. Over to management of CBNSat at least now let them wake up from their deep slumber and clean up their ears and start listening to the people. Remember CBNSat "Customer is King".

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Anonymous said...

yeah! you are right, We are also looking for the GOD channel on CBNSAT.
As you say if the GOD channel is not a expensive channel, & many people like to watch it, why doesn't CBNSAT give this channel. CBNSAT management don't care about customer's requirment , doesn't know their taste or what??