Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Satnet - Dish TV & Star TV Agents

In the papers recently there was a advertisement about a company called Satnet. They claim to be the first Digital Sattelite broadcaster in Sri Lanka. They seem to be dealing in Star TV and Dish TV Packages. Their phone number is (011) 2596800

Given below are their Star TV Package charges
Equipment Charges - Rs 38,000/=
Monthly Subcription - Rs 2000/= upwards

Dish TV Package charges
Equipment Charges - Rs 17,000/=
Monthly Subscription - Rs 1,200/=

The Star TV Package contains most of the Star TV Channels including Sky News, National Geographic Channel, etc about 18 or more Channels.

The Dish TV Package has over 100 Channels but about 22 English Channels according to Satnet. There are a lot of Hindi Channels on this provider and also french channels, etc.

There have been instances where in India there have been various requests for CBNSat equipment because the choice of Channels offered by CBNSat is better than Dish TV. Dish TV does not have MTV, VH1, Nick, National Geopraphic, History Channel and A1. There is also the probability that Star TV Channels may never been available on Dish TV. Those of you who visit sites that give information about the Indian TV Scene then you will know that Dish TV is unable to get Star Channels. Even AXN and the Sony TV Channels are also not available on Dish TV.

Star TV is to launch their own DTH Network and these channels will not be having Zee TV Channels becuase they operate Dish TV.

My advice is for all of you to avoid Dish TV and Star TV. Since we will not have any control. There will be no way of communicating with the operator since they are based out of this country. CBNSat is not at all content provider specific and has nothing to do with Star TV, Zee TV, etc therefore in the due course of time they will get all the channels. Also we can call them and blast them each time they make a blunder but we cannot do the same with Dish and Star TV. It is safer to purchase a local provider such as Comet Cable, LBN, CBNSat than to go for these Indian Providers.

I also wonder how Satnet can call itself "The first Digital Satellite Broadcaster in Sri Lanka" because they are not a broadcaster and only a agent for Star & Dish TV. Therefore it looks like Satnet is trying to mislead the public as CBNSat is actually the first Digital Satellite broadcaster in Sri Lanka. It is true thay Dish TV is the first DTH operator in this region but they broadcast from India but Indian Analysts expect CBNSat to be the best in due time.

It is upto the management of Satnet to expain themselves and also for the general public to give their views on this development. But the good thing is that CBNSat will have to get their act together since they have competitors and could lose customers if they do not get all the popular channels. There is no doubt that they will get the channels but upto now their expansion has been very slow so it is now time to speed up.

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