Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My letter to God TV

Dear Sir,

My name is TV Radio Sri Lanka and I operate a blog that highlights the information in the broadcasting arena. Specially the Sri Lankan industry but we give some coverage for Indian and other International Information also.

I am sorry that I cannot give you my real name and I got your email address from one of the emails that I received asking me to highlight the fact that several people want God TV on CBNSat. I am receiving several mails from sri lankans asking me to give priority to get God TV on CBNSat.

Sir, I hear that you had got in touch with CBNSat but have they replied. Could you please approach them again, have you spoken to them? If it is alright to ask you, is the cost for rebroadcasting God TV on a DTH operator high. Is there a problem on your side that is preventing CBNSat from including God TV?

Can you give me some information for me to post on my blog that will be helpful to the people who are asking CBNSat to have God TV on it.



TV Radio Sri Lanka

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