Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CBNSat does not listen to requests for God TV

CBNSat the local DTH operator has no consideration for the requests of their customers and their prospective customers. There have been several requests for God TV and as of now they have not given the channel which will increase their customer base among the Christians in this country.

God TV is a Free To Air Channel and is available on every cable operator in Sri Lanka except CBNSat and Comet Cable (the reason Comet Cable does not have it is due to insufficient channel capacity). CBNSat seems to be a very arrogant operator who is not willing to give the customer what they want.

Yes it is a religous channel but none of the other Cable operators are having problems by showing God TV.

You tell your customers that if you show God TV then you have to show other religious channels too. Then go ahead please do, since you will have more customers. But at least till the other channels available why cannot God TV be given to the customers.

This is over to the Managing Director of CBNSat Mr. Muhunthan Canagey. Sir we are waiting for a reply from you.


Anonymous said...

You are right! We also looking for Godtv on CBNSAT?. If it is free why they dont give us????

Waiting for his reply.......

CBNSAT customer

Anonymous said...

I think all of us who want God TV on CBNSat should call them and bug them so much that they will get sick of us and give us God TV.

CBNSat I wonder why so you are so quiet on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Personally I disagree with you all. I really think that a paid service sohuld refrain from broadcasting crap like GOD channel even if it is free. I would prefer if CBNsat would stick to including only quality channels. In addition, the reason why GOD channel is free is that christianity is a missionary religion aimed at spreading by contact. I don't want to contribute by that with MY subscription fees.

Anonymous said...

God Channel is not the only religious channel around. There are many more other religion channels and they are also free. Even if CBNSat takes the channel you will not be paying for it do not worry. By the way it is not Crap. God Channel is a very high quality channel.