Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nimbus to launch 3 Sports Channels

Nimbus Communications Limited announced yesterday that it would be launching three sports channels between October 2006 and September 2007.

The first, a cricket centric sports channel, will commence broadcasting from October 2006. The second channel will focus on sports entertainment, not restricting itself to merely sports events but also broadcasting sports themed entertainment programmes, is scheduled to commence broadcasting from April 2007. The third channel will be a sports news service and will launch September 2007.

Nimbus believes that the introduction in India in 2006 of three new DTH platforms in addition to the existing DishTV (not counting Doordarshan's free service) will provide a major new thrust to cricket channels. The reasoning being that in addition to revenues from cable, multiple DTH platforms would drive subscription revenues.

Nimbus plans to provide separate feeds to DTH (HDTV, interactive, multiple languages), cable (SDTV customised, English/Hindi) and DD (basic feed).

Hopefully we in Sri Lanka will also have the priviledge of viewing these Channels through local Pay TV operators since the inception of each of these channels.

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