Friday, May 19, 2006

TV Broadcasting Licenses Issued but No TV Stations

I got an email from a reader of this blog regarding the TV broadcasting licenses issued. Could anyone out there please comment on when the following TV License holders are to start TV Stations. The following list was obtained from the TRC Sri Lanka web site.
  • Ru Ras Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.,
  • E.W Balasuriya & Co.
  • Sumathi Holdings.
  • Asia Broadcasting Corporation
  • Asset Media (Pvt) Ltd.,
  • Television and Radio Network
In addition are the above licenses Analogue Tv Licenses or Digital Tv Licenses. Hopefully these are Digital Tv Licenses since it is high time that we moved from Anologue Tv to Digital Tv.


Anonymous said...

to get a tv license you have to be very well connected and you and me cannot get the well connected people apply for license and they get it after that in few months or years they have the facility of selling the license.To get n approval u do not hv to pay what need to submit is the proposal.thats all

Anonymous said...

I heard there is a Max Tv which is scheduled to start, also a Max Radio chanel ..