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Radio Stations operating in Sri Lanka

Times are shown in UTC (GMT).

Local time in Sri Lanka is UTC + 5 hours 30 minutes.

Frequencies shown like this: 88.0 are as announced, listed or reported and not yet confirmed.

The main languages used in Sri Lanka are Sinhala (Sinhalese), Tamil and English.

Special thanks to Dihan Ratnayake for providing information for this page.

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC)

Address in Colombo:
PO Box 574
Independence Square
Colombo 7

Tel: +94 1 2696329
Fax: +94 1 2695488



NB: SLBC FM frequencies were reorganised on 25 July 2004 as below.

SLBC National Service in Sinhala (Swadeshiya Sevaya) (relays BBC World Service Sinhala 1515-1545):
*4902 kHz (Ekala) INACTIVE
90.3 MHz (Yatiyantota)
90.4 MHz (Haputale)
97.0 MHz (Radella)
98.3 MHz (Colombo)
99.6 MHz (Deniyaya)
102.0 MHz (Hunasgiriya)
107.6 MHz (Karagahatenna)

SLBC Commercial Service in Sinhala (Velenda Sevaya):
89.3 MHz (Deniyaya)
92.7 MHz (Karagahatenna)
93.3 MHz (Colombo)
96.4 MHz (Haputale)
106.9 MHz (Radella)
106.9 MHz (Yatiyantota, see also Sports Service)
107.3 MHz (Hunasgiriya, see also Sports Service)

SLBC National Service in Tamil: (relays BBC World Service Tamil 1545-1615)
855 kHz (Iratperiyakulam)
*5020 kHz (Ekala) INACTIVE
*6130 kHz (Ekala) INACTIVE
90.6 MHz (Karagahatenna)
94.2 MHz (Yatiyantota)
98.8 MHz (Hunasgiriya)
101.3 MHz (Colombo)
102.0 MHz (Haputale)
103.5 MHz (Radella)
104.8 MHz (Deniyaya, see also Sports Service)

SLBC Commercial Service in Tamil (Thendral):
91.8 MHz (Radella)
92.2 MHz (Jaffna-Palali)
92.8 MHz (Deniyaya)
94.2 MHz (Hunasgiriya)
103.5 MHz (Yatiyanota)
104.5 MHz (Karagahatenna)
105.6 MHz (Colombo)
107.9 MHz (Haputale, see also Sports Service)

SLBC English Service (Radio Sri Lanka, relays BBC World Service in English 0130-1330, 0600-0700 & 1100-1200):
*4940 kHz (Ekala) INACTIVE
90.8 MHz (Deniyaya)
95.6 MHz (Colombo)
96.4 MHz (Hunasgiriya)
96.4 MHz (Yatiyantota)
98.4 MHz (Haputale)
99.6 MHz (Karagahatenna, see also Sports Service)
100.2 MHz (Radella)

*4870 kHz (Ekala) INACTIVE
87.6 MHz (Colombo)
91.2 MHz (Colombo, see also Sports Service)
92.2 MHz (Haputale, Hunasgiriya, Yatiyantota)
94.4 MHz (Radella)
95.0 MHz (Karagahatenna)
102.6 MHz (Deniyaya)

SLBC Sports Service:
Operates irregularly when required for sports coverage
91.2 MHz (Colombo, see also City FM)
97.8 MHz (Radella)
99.6 MHz (Karagahatenna, see also English Service)
102.0 MHz (Jaffna-Palali, see also Palali Sevaya below)
104.8 MHz (Deniyaya, see also National Service in Tamil)
106.9 MHz (Yatiyantota, see also Commercial Service in Sinhala)
107.3 MHz (Hunasgiriya, see also Commercial Service in Sinhala)
107.9 MHz (Haputale, see also Commercial Service in Tamil)

Vidula (Children's Channel), 0000-1630 in Sinhala, Tamil and English:
102.6 MHz (Yatiyantota)


Akkaraipattu, Ampara District (Thirayi Sevaya): Haputale 102.0 MHz
Anuradhapura (Rajarata Sevaya): Karaghatenna 102.4 MHz
Jaffna (Palali Sevaya / YAL FM): 102.0 MHz (see also Sports Service)
Kandy (Kandurata Sevaya): Radella 89.7 MHz, Hunasgiriya 89.3 MHz
Madukanda (Wanni Sevaya): *92.2 MHz (INACTIVE, frequency now used for Tamil Commercial Service in Jaffna area)
Matara (Ruhunu Sevaya): Haputale 105.4 MHz, Deniyaya 107.2 MHz


Aralaganwila (Pulathisi Ravaya): 100.7 MHz
Badulla (Uva Community Radio): 87.6 MHz
Girandurukotte (Mahaweli Sevaya): 95.8 MHz
Maha Illuppallama (Mahaweli Sevaya): 98.4 MHz
Mawathura (Kothmale FM): 98.4 MHz 0.3 kW


Language Times (UTC) Frequencies (kHz)
English (S Asia) 0100-0400 (Sun -0430/0500) 6005, 9770, 15745v
English (Europe) Sat 1900-2000 6010s (not confirmed recently and believed to be INACTIVE)
Hindi+ (S Asia) 0020-0400 7300v, 11905
Hindi/English (S Asia) 1330-1530 7300v, 11905
Kannada (S Asia) 0800-0830 7300v, 11905
Malayalam (S Asia) 1000-1130 7300v, 11905
Sinhala (Middle East) 1545-1900 11715
Tamil (S Asia) 0135-0330 (Sun -0545) 873/882p
Tamil (S Asia) 1130-1330 7300v, 11905
Telugu (S Asia) 0830-1000 7300v, 11905

+ - Hindi, except Bengali 0035-0050 daily and 0130-0145 Thursdays only.
p - 'Colombo International Radio' via Puttalam 400 kW, Sri Lanka. Uses 873 or 882 kHz. Most recently reported on 873 kHz, Nov 2004.
s - relay via Skelton, UK.
Other transmissions are via Ekala, Sri Lanka.

A more detailed map is also available (about 200 kB, will open a new browser window).

SLBC Transmitter sites:
Colombo (FM), Western Province
Deniyaya (FM), Matara District, Southern Province
Ekala (shortwave), near Ja-Ela, Gampaha District, Western Province (79°54'E 07°06'N)
Haputale (FM), Badulla District, Uva Province
Hunasgiriya (FM), Kandy District, Central Province
Iratperiyakulama (mediumwave), Vavuniya District, Northern Province
Karaghatenna (FM), Matale District, Central Province
Madukanda (FM), Vavuniya, North Eastern Province
Palali (FM), near Jaffna
Puttalam (MW), North Western Province (see also Trans World Radio below)
Radella (FM), Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya District, Central Province
Yatiantota (FM), Kegalla District, Sabaragamuwa Province

Other Domestic Radio Services in Sri Lanka

Operator Network Language Frequency Location / Area Notes
ABC Radio (Asia Broadcasting Corporation) Gold FM English 89.8 MHz Kandy
90.9 MHz Island Wide
93.0 MHz Colombo
Hiru FM Sinhala 100.7 MHz Ruhuna
102.7 MHz Rajarata
102.9 MHz Island Wide
107.9 MHz Colombo
Sha FM Sinhala 94.7 MHz Kandy Formerly Tharu FM
96.7 MHz Colombo
104.2 MHz Island Wide
Sooriyan FM Tamil 97.3 MHz Kandy, North & East Sri Lanka
97.9 MHz Island Wide
103.2 MHz Colombo
Sun FM English 95.3 MHz Island Wide
99.9 MHz Colombo
104.8 MHz Ruhunu
Asset Radio Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd Neth FM Sinhala 93.9 MHz Ruhuna Ocean Tower Building
105.9 MHz Colombo
Colombo Communications (Pvt) Ltd E! FM English 93.2 MHz Kandy 2/9 2nd Floor
Liberty Plaza
R.A. de Mei Mw.
Colombo 3

Formerly Capital Radio
100.4 MHz Colombo
Raja FM Sinhala 91.5 MHz Uva 2/9 2nd Floor
Liberty Plaza
R,.A. de Mei Mawatha
Colombo 3
95.0 MHz Southern Sri Lanka
101.3 MHz Kandy & Northern Sri Lanka
102.2 MHz Colombo (Gampaha) & Islandwide
Shree FM Sinhala 93.2 MHz South Sri Lanka 2/9 2nd Floor
Liberty Plaza
R.A. de Mei Mawatha
Colombo 3
95.8 MHz Kandy
98.8 MHz East Sri Lanka
99.0 MHz Colombo & Island-Wide
99.3 MHz North Sri Lanka
Independent Television Network (ITN) Lakhanda Sinhala 87.9 MHz North, North Central, North Western Wickramasinghapura,

'World Service' transmitted via APSTAR 2R satellite (76.5°E) 3.652 GHz Transponder 2 A Horizontal-Linear 6.5 Ms/Sec
88.5 MHz Island Wide
97.6 MHz Kandy & Southern
MBC Networks (Pvt) Ltd (Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation) Shakthi FM Tamil 91.5 MHz Colombo 7 Braybrooke Place
106.1 MHz Central Sri Lanka (Mt Oliphant, Nuwariya Eliya)
106.5 MHz Bandarawelle (Nayabedda 0.5 kW)
Sirasa FM Sinhala 88.8 MHz Central Sri Lanka (Mt Oliphant, Nuwara Eliya 4 kW) PO Box 25
Araliya Uyana
101.7 MHz Rajarata, Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka
106.2 MHz Kandy (Hunasgiriya, 2 kW)
106.2 MHz Southern Sri Lanka
106.5 MHz Colombo (Union Place, 2 kW)
106.5 MHz Uva
Y FM Sinhala 91.2 MHz Kandy Formerly Classic FM

7 Braybrooke Place
92.6 MHz Colombo
Yes FM English 88.2 MHz Kandy (Hunasgiriya 2 kW) 109 2nd Floor
Collettes Building
Rt Hon D.S. Senanayake Mawatha
Colombo 8
89.5 MHz Colombo (Union Place 2 kW)
101.0 MHz Central Sri Lanka (Mt Oliphant, Nuwara Eliya 4 kW)
101.0 MHz Southern Sri Lanka (Gongala 2 kW)
Telshan Networks Limited (TNL) Isira Sinhala 88.0 MHz Piliyandala Dampe
89.0 MHz Nuwara Eliya
93.7 MHz Kandy
93.9 MHz Colombo
97.2 MHz Ratnapura
TNL Radio (Telshan Networks Limited) Asura Sinhala 87.6 MHz Kandy 58 Tower Building
Station Road
Colombo 4
100.7 MHz Colombo
Lite 89.2
89.2 MHz Colombo
90.0 MHz Nuwara Eliya
98.2 MHz Kandy
TNL 101.7 English 101.7 MHz Colombo
Voice of the Tigers (Liberation Tigers of Tamil-Eelam)
Tamil 98.0 MHz Kilinochchi
103.0 MHz Eastern Sri Lanka

Other International Broadcasters

Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany / DW)

Trincomalee Relay Station (81°10'E 08°44'N):

Mediumwave: 1548 kHz 400 kW
Shortwave: 2x300 kW, 1x250 kW, all operating at 250 kW

Address in Bonn:
Deutsche Welle
D-53110 Bonn

Tel: +49 228 429 0
Fax. +49 228 429 3000

International Brodcasting Bureau (IBB, Government of USA)

Iranawila Relay Station (79°54'E 07°06'N):
Shortwave: 4x500 kW, 6x250 kW

Relays programmes of Voice of America (VOA), Radio Azadi, Radio Free Afghanistan, Radio Free Asia, Radio Liberty and Radio Sawa

Radio Japan (NHK World Network)

Ekala Relay Station:
Shortwave: 2x300 kW (transmitters operated by SLBC)

Address in Tokyo:
Radio Japan, NHK World Network
2-2-1 Jinnan
Tokyo 150-8001

Tel: +81 3 3465 1111
Fax: +81 3 3481 1350

Trans World Radio (TWR, Vishwa Vani)

Puttalam (79°47'E 07°57'N):
Mediumwave: 882 kHz 400 kW (transmitter operated by SLBC)
Shortwave: 1x12.5 kW (not currently in use)

Address in Colombo:
PO Box 364
91 Wijerama Mawatha
Colombo 7

Tel: +94 1 2685235-7
Fax: +94 1 2685245

Address in New Delhi:
PO Box 407
L-15 Green Park
New Delhi 110016

Tel: +91 11 662058
Fax: +91 11 6868049

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