Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SLBC Clarity Problems

I have received email's from readers that the SLBC broadcasts in certain areas of the Island are not clear. Here is a part of the email sent by Hasitha in Panadura received on Friday 19TH May 2006

"I listen to their (SLBC) services from Panadura. The frequency the most clearer to me is which relaying from Yatiyanthota. Those are 90.3 [Sinhala National Service] , 92.2 [City FM] , 96.4 [English Commercial Service] , 102.6 [Vidula] & 106.9FM [Sinhala Commercial Service]. The 92.2FM channel is not clear with very poor sound quality. Its like the music played in the some Private Buses. Looks like they are producing more sound than the radio can play. Previously it happened to the 90.3 channel and 96.4 channel.

I noted yesterday a private channel Asura FM heard on their 95.6 channel between 9-10pm. May be Private Channels interferring the State Cahnnel and I dont know whom to tell about this. It happend before to the 106.9FM channel, after the transmission is over 10pm I could listen to one EAP channel. [Sometimes SLBC may be like to transmit private channels on their cost.

Lakhanda is ITN's radio channel. "Isira" is Telshan Networks Ltd's radio channel, which they transmit sound of their TV channel. There is another radio channel called "Isura FM" operated by Ru Ras. The frequencies allocated to MGM Networks is still not opearting."

Over to the authorities of SLBC to put forward a solution to this problem.

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Anonymous said...

hi thanks lot for the information, i would appreciate if you could give us the all the TV and radio stations frequencies along with the location and the power of transmitter. as i know asura has lanched thier down south tranmission on 95.6 FM.