Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TDSAT Bars Star Channels on any DTH Operator

The dispute between Dish TV and Star TV seems to be hotting up. With the refusal of Star TV to give it's channels to the Dish TV DTH Platform. Dish TV took the case to the Telecom Disputes Redressal and Settlement Tribunal (TDSAT) in India. Since Star TV is refusing to come aboard Dish TV they have barred Star TV from being available on any DTH platform. With this the soon to be launched DTH venture between Tata and Star (called T-Sky) will not be able to carry their very own Star Channels at least until the case hearing on July 3rd. So if T-Sky launches before 3rd July they will have to do so without the Star Channels and as of now their test transmissions are taking place without the Star Channels.

Why this is of importance to us in Sri Lanka is that will this also affect the chances of our local DTH operator CBNSat has of including the Star Channels in their platform. If it does then it is not fair but since this a regulation in India the chances of this affecting Sri Lanka are very low but it would be very good if someone can clarify this for us.

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