Tuesday, June 20, 2006

DCV becomes Ruhuna 2001 Multivision

Delta Cable Vision (DCV) a cable tv provider in Mabole, Wattala has undergone a change it seems. They are now displaying the name Ruhuna 2001 Multivision instead of DCV.

Looks like it is a ploy to mislead the investigation. Since Multivision supposedly has the license to carry out cable tv operations it looks like that they are asking their subagents to display Multivision instead of the subagents name. If the subagent company display their own name they may also be required to obtain a license so if they operate under Multivision name, they can use the license that Multivision has.

Did this happen to DCV only or to all Multivision subagents throughout the country? Hopefully our readers will be able to post by checking on the subagents operating in their area. Over to the management of DCV and Multivision to give their side of the story.

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