Friday, June 23, 2006

Satellite TV Providers under spotlight - Daily Mirror 23rd June 2006

Amidst confusion and public anger over the withdrawal of satellite or cable TV facilities, President Mahinda Rajapakse has directed the TRC to register all satellite service providers, the government said yesterday. He has also directed the commission to implement other measures in accordance with section 66 (1) of the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Act No. 25 of 1992.

Media Minister Anura Preiyadarshana Yapa said the commission would proceed to set out rules to regulate the services provided by satellite service providers, monitor their operations and usage of satellite communication faclilities provided to the customers.

The TRC will also register all apparatus required for satellite communications including transmission and reception.

The Mninister said the decision was taken as it has been found that none of the satellite TV providers had regsitered themseleves in accordance with the act.

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