Monday, June 19, 2006

Srilakvahini telecast beams to 140 countries

A new Satellite TV Station is to commence broadcasts soon. Given below is the article appearing in the Daily News of 19th June 2006.

COLOMBO: The television industry is achieving yet another milestone by introducing a state of art technology via Satellite Television in Sri Lanka.

"Future Satcom" obtained the government approval of telecasting rights and the company is confident that all Sri Lankans and the rest of the world will enjoy the quality programmes in the future.

Based on the theme "New Sri Lanka to the world" Future satcom is determined to make the project a reality and all Sri Lankans living abroad and citizens of Sri Lanka will enjoy the channel "Srilakvahini.

News, documentary, musicals, religious activities, cultural activities, entertainment, sports, teledramas, films, live programmes, educational programmes, and many other activities in Sri Lanka will be on your Television screen.

Srilakvahini will broadcast its television network to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and African countries, Russian Federation, Middle East and will beam to 140 countries.

This unique channel will cover national languages namely Sinhala, Tamil and International language English.

Srilakvahini the new channel will commence its operations within the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Is this available free to air too for the sri lankan viewers via normal terretrial signal. If so please publish the frequencies !

Anonymous said...

I searched for the frequencies but it seems that the station has not yet commenced operations. We will have to only wait and see.

Anyway I hope they do not shut them down also