Friday, June 16, 2006

SATNet launches Web Site

Looks like SATNet has launched it's website or

They claim to be "Sri Lanka's first Digital Stereo Satellite Broadcaster", a claim which TV Radio Sri Lanka had criticised them for making a last month back. The links to our previous posts are as follows

SATNet Post 1
SATNet Post 2

Hopefully someone took the advice that I gave.

Under the earlier name Star TV Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., they were selling Star TV connections and now under a new name they are selling Star TV and Dish TV connections. This in no way makes SATNet the first Digital Stereo Satellite Broadcaster because there is no broadcasting being done in Sri Lanka. The first Sri Lankan DTH Service is CBNSat. SATNet is not a broadcaster but only a dealer, they claim to be a broadcaster.

The website and it's layout bears a striking resemblance to the CBNSat website. In addition there are several comments on this blog and forums belonging to TV Radio Sri Lanka and a few newspaper reports pointing at SATNet for causing the problems on CBNSat and the Cable TV Industry in Sri Lanka.

Over to the management of SATNet to give their side of the picture.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys looks like I found a phone number and email address that we can use for fun.

SAT NET(Pvt) Ltd
Tel: 94 11 2594528 / 2596800
Fax: 94 11 2503640

Web :

Lets call them and give a dose of our what we LBN and CBNSat subscribers are going through. Even the website looks like a copy of CBNSat. So now we are sure of the culprit

Anonymous said...

SATNet new site is


Lightning_Struck_Tower said... is a copy of CBNsat without the quality look and feel.

Anonymous said...

Those who live by the sword, die by the sword