Monday, July 24, 2006

Small Cable TV Operators : Operational ??

We are getting mixed reports on the status of the small cable tv operators in the island. Some information says that they have been shutdown whereas others say that they are still operational. We would like the people who have purchased cable tv connections from the smaller operators to confirm whether they are operational or not. Please indicate who your operator is and the area they serve.


Anonymous said...

I confirm that the following opetrators are still in operation.

Cable TV in Slave island.
Delta Cable in Wattala
Globe vision in Negombo
Star Cable in Nivasiepura - Ja-ela
Star Cable in Millennium City

Anonymous said...

What a country we live in......

the law has gone to the DOGS !!!!!

Anonymous said...

respect the dogs. even they still follow the law better than the people.