Friday, July 14, 2006

Srilakvahini : Launched

Looks like Sri Lanka has got another satellite tv channel. During controversial times anyway. They are supposed to a fully digital satellite channel. This channel is going to pose TV Lanka some competition since this is at the moment a satellite only channel and is not available as a regular tv channel. May be the management can inform us whether they are planning to have a local broadcast too.

At the moment the channel is available from 4 AM to 10 PM on a daily basis. The website is as follows

This is a channel that is planning to carry out English and Tamil programmes as well as times passes by and at the moment is concentrating on Sinhala language content.

Just a word of caution to the management since they should be careful about the recent developments in the industry and should have themselves adequately protected. No one knows how they managed the license since the media ministry informed earlier that there was no license for satellite broadcasters. Also do not hope too much that the CBNSat customers will use their dish to watch Srilakvahini since your business models are different and the customers who use CBNSat and the customers who view Srilakvahini are having different tastes.

Anyway we at TV Radio Sri Lanka like to wish Future Satcom all the best as they hope to take Sri Lanka to the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone inquire and post the frequencies of this channel and the satellite which it uses. Hope this is a Ku band channel and could be received easlily form a free to air ku band receiver.

There are no details on the website regarding these and no contact details too.

I really don't know how they got 1000 subscribers without advertising or publicising anything. They might be trying to promote their channel among the CBNSat subscribers.

If so you are badly mistaken "SriLakvahini" The customers have paid to CBNSat to get some world renowened premium content. Not a local free to air channel.

Hope you will do a good job to beam sri lankan programs to other countries. TV Lanka is the only channel now beams and it is also a pay channel.

So good luck "Srilakvahini" to carry-on your business in a decent manner !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just had a look at the programmes schedules. I really doubt SriLakvahini will be able to have any serious impact in Sri Lanks, specially if viewers will have to pay between 10k and 20k for the decoders.

Perhaps it may be useful for remote areas that do not normally receive the traditional TV transmissions.

We can only hope that SriLakvahini will improve their services with time. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Its on C-Band and you need big dish

C Band
3636 MHz
S/R 1482

Anonymous said...

there is no channel in these freq,technician said S/R is can not be 1482.any one can help???

Anonymous said...

I can see the channel from Dubai
Freq 3785
SR 1555
FEC 3/4
Looks like they are doing test transmission because change frequencies few times