Monday, July 17, 2006

Tv Stations protest new tax on programmes

There was a report in the Sunday Observer yesterday regarding a black out of tv programmes from 7:30PM after the press conference. Was this a mistake or an attempt to discredit the stations?

There is information that certain tv stations may close down because of this move to impose a tax. Talk about the improvement of the economy. The Sunday Times reported that The Indian High Commission has expressed concerned over the new tax imposement. Maybe because of the Free Trade Agreement between India and Sri Lanka. Even the US High Commission is supposed to have said something.

Let's hope that the someone realises the mistake and corrects it before it becomes dangerous and hurts Sri Lanka's economy beyond repair.

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PopularEconomix said...

after the press conference at 8pm Channel One MTV and Sirasa TV did not braodcast any programmes of foreign origin. This was in protest to the proposed tax. To give ppl a taste of what is to come.
About the Indian High Commission statement, the FTA has nothing to do with it, as the current FTA only covers goods. The future of the proposed Indo_lanka CEPA, however, will be impacted. The high comm's statement was out of good relations...simply because we import and telecast alot of indian programmes which are amply popular in SL.
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